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Pharmacy termin.

Orange Book "Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluation"A publication by the FDA of generics that have been approved
Protected Health Information Any identifiable information related to a patient's medical condition
Prescription Labels Include.... (Part 1) 1. Patient name2. Medication Name3. Medication Strength4. Quantity of Medication5. Directions for Use6. Number of refills remaining, if any7. Name of Prescriber8. Prescription number assigned by pharmacy
Prescription Labels Include.... (Part 2) 9. Name, Address, & Phone number of Pharmacy10. Date Prescription was filled11. Name/Initials of dispensing pharmacist12. Expiration or discard date of the medication
Allied Health Professionals Anyone involved with patient healthcare in some way
Durable Medical Equipment Items people need during recovery from an illness or injury or as they age(i.e. canes, walkers, wheelchairs)
Prescription Drugs Must be prescribed by a physician
Poison Control Specialist Pharmacologists who answer questions & give advice at poison control centers
Pharmacologists Scientists who study how drugs act in the body
Prescription Order Includes.... 1. Patient name2. Date the prescription was written3. Name of medication4. Strength of medication5. Quantity requested6. Directions for use7. # of refills allowed8. Name, Address, Phone #, & Signature of prsecriber
Policies Written to ensure safe, effective, & consistent actions taken by its employees
Procedures Typically written in a series of steps listing how to accomplish a particular task
Adulterated Decomposed substance is present, the item has been packaged under unsanitary conditions or its strength , quality, or purity is different from what's indicated on the label
Misbranded Product labeling is false or misleading or if proper warnings or directions are absent
Toxicologists Studies overdoses & the toxic effect of drugs & other chemicals
Parenterally Medications aren't absorbed in the intestines
OTC Drugs Available without prescription & are generally considered to be safe for use by anyone if used according to directions
Toxicity Potential or strength of a poison
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