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geography final # 2

which mountain range runs down the western(pacific) coastline of south America? andes mountains
what are the name of the grasslands in south America? llanos and pampas
what are the major natural resources of Latin America oil coal natural gas and uranium
the rainforests are in which type of climate? tropical wet
what type of farming is still used in south america that has been used by natives for thousands of years? terrace farming and slash and burn
where is the tierra del fuego mexico; southern tip of chile
which river begins in the andes mts and flows eastward to the atlantic ocean? amazon river
what name is given to the grassy treeless areas of the amazon basin? llanos
what technique is used by native people in latin america to clear fields for crops? slash and burn
where is most of the south american rainforest located? brazil
brazil is rich in what resource because of its river system? hydroelectric power
how do the Andes mountains affect where people live in south america? most people live on the eastcoast
why are the river systems in south america more important than in latin america because they are bordered by water and used for transportation.
what techniques are causing the shrinking of the rainforest grazing, and lumber
what are some reasons to protect the rainforest? biodiversity, medicine, oxygen
what are some factors that affect climate in south america elevation and location
which two cultures blended to shape the development of mexico? spanish and the natives
what was the name of the capitol of the aztec empire? tenochitlan
which country has the largest area and population in latin america brazil
what is the name for factories on the us-mexico border that assemble parts to make finished products maquiladoras
what is it called when central america declared its independence from mexico? the united provinces of central america
why was panama a good choice of location to build a canal? narrowest part of the isthmus
which country colonized brazil portugal
which type of government is ruled by a few powerful leaders? oligarchy
in which type of government do people elect their leaders? democracy
what term describes the rise in temperature worldwide and climate change? global warming
what is the term for the wide range of plant and animal species in the rainforest? biodiversity
what are some reasons for the destruction of the rainforest? to clear land for farming
why did benito jaurez want land reform? even distribution of the land : and to close the income gap
what is the term for the difference between the life of the wealthy and the life of the poor? income gap
what is the term for cutting down of the rainforest in order to meet the demand for timber and cattle? deforestation
which terms refers to a place where water is available in the desert oasis
which term refers to the river that forms the natural boundary between israel and jordan? jordan river
what is another name for petroleum that has not been processed? crude oil
which term is the name of the most famous desert in the region, also know as the empty quarter rub-a-khali
what is the name of a river that flows through parts of turkey, syria, and iraq? euphrates river
what is the name of a landlocked salt lake? dead sea
which is a risk for transporting oil by tanker? oil spill
which of these is an area of desert in which the moisture has evaporated and salt chemicals remain salt flats
what is the term for the practice of using small pipes ithat slowly drip water above ground, to conserve water for crops? drip irrigation
a place where crude oil is converted into products such as gasoline and heating oil? refinery
which of the following is the lowest place on the exposed crust of the earth/ dead sea
which of the the following is an important source of water for irrigation in this region? jordan river
how does the mediterranean coast differ from other areas of southwest asia ? they have enough rain to grow crops
the transportation of crude oil provides what kind of risk? a oil spill
which of the following are necessary for large scale farming to take place in southwest asia? irrigation
the scarcity if fresh water has required countries in this region to use practices such as? desalinization
the resource that is responsible for southwest asias economic status in the world is ? oil
a serious risk of transporting crude oil to refineries or ports is an oil spill
before oil extracted from the earth can be used, it must be converted into other products in a wadis
name of the prophet who is considered the founder of islam muhammed
name a movement to create and support jewish homeland in palestine zionism
name the holy city in which all muslims hope to make a pilgramage to? mecca
what are the religious duties of the followers of islam? the five pillars -faith -prayer -charity -fasting -haji(trip to mecca)
what is the purpose of opec? control the price of oil
where do muslims believe muhammed rose up to heaven/ dome of the rock
name the holiest jewish site in jerusalem western wall or wailing wall
what organization was formed to regain land currently under israeli control for palestinian arabs al-quaida
about 83% of all muslims belong to the branch known as the sunni---shi'ite
islam is based on the teachings of the prophet___ muhammed
the holiest jewish site in jerusalem is the remaining portion of the second temple, which is known as the________-- wailing wall
a government controlled by religous leaders is called a theocracy
the shrine place on the spot where muslims believe muhammed rose to heaven is the dome of the rock
refered to as a "stateless nation" the people who have clashed with the governments of turkey, iran , iraq, over land rights are the--- kurds
people who pray five times a day, fast during the holy month of ramadan, and make a pilgrimage to mecca are followers of the teaching of _______ muhammed
a nation of people without land to legally occupy stateless nation
a territory along the mediterannean sea just northeast of the sinai penninsula that is occupied by isreal is called the gaza strip
a strip of land on the west side of the jordan river is know as the____ west bank
arabs who lived or still live in the area that is now called israel are called____ palestinians
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