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Chapter 1 & 2 Review

What are the reasons teachers want to teach? What is the reason most given? To make a difference in students lives can be profound. The most given reason is because they care about students.
Define student variability? Difference among students in regard to their developmental needs, interests, abilities, and disabilities
Define student diversity? Differences among students in regard of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation. and social economic status
What are the benefits to teaching? Tenure, flexible schedules, numerous holidays, summer vacations
What are the challenges to teaching? Long working hours, high stakes testing, strength and leadership skills
What is high stakes testing? Each state has mandated a standardized test of students mastery in academic standards
What type of or in what areas are teachers needed? Low income areas
What is tenure? Job security granted teachers after satisfactory performance for a specified period using 2 to 5 years
What are Professional Standards? Subject to matter knowledge caring effective teaching skill, praxis series,
How many decisions do teachers make daily? 3000 decisions
How many teachers are in the US? 4 Million
What are some specialized areas of teaching? Art teachers, music teachers, special education teachers, physical education teachers, and vocational education teachers
What does IEP stand for? Individualized Education Program
What is subject content knowledge? The ability to recite dates, know multiplication tables, etc
What is pedagogical knowledge? The knowledge of how to integrate
Created by: caseymarieleh