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Mech/Vent Unit 1

SPC Mechanical Ventilation Unit 1 Exam 1

What are the properties of an ideal mask for "Emergency Ventilation"? Adequate Seal, Transparent, Sized to Patient, Hypo-allergenic, One way valve, Minimal airflow resistance, and Low cost
Per AHA what volume of ventilation should the rescuer's provide? Around 800ml (For Adults)
Mouth to Mask device oxygenation is what percent? 16-18%
What is considered adequate tidal volume of a resuscitator bag? Adult 600ml+, Pediatric 70-300ml, Infant 20-70ml
What are the characteristics of an ideal resuscitator bag? 1. Delivery of adequate tidal volume 2. Delivery of adequate FIO2 3. Self Inflating 4. Feedback of patients resistance and compliance 4. Pressure pop-off 5. Non-rebreathing valve 6. Pressure monitor 7. Attachment for PEEP 8. 15/22mm adapter
Delivery of adequate FIO2 depends on? Construction of bag, O2 flow, O2 reservoir, bag recoil time
What is the flow of O2 when using resuscitator bag? Adults 10-15 LPM & Children 5-10 LPM
O2 Reservoirs increase FIO2 by how much? 85%
What are the "Indications" for artificial airways? SAVO, 1. Suctioning 2. Aspiration 3. Ventilation 4. Obstruction
What are the two tools used to establish an (Oropharyngeal) Oral Airways? Guedel, Berman
What is the difference between a Guedel and a Berman? Guedel has hollow central channel for air passage for a suction catheter and it is pliable, where as the Berman has a groove down either side to guide suction catheter and is of hard plastic
Inications of an Oral Airway? Helps to maintain a patent airway in an unconscious patient
What are the contraindications of an Oral Airway? Not to be used in a conscious patient
Hazards of using an Oral Airway? 1. Gagging or fighting airway 2. Base of tongue pushed back, obstructing airway 3. Epiglottis is pushed to laryngeal area 4. Trauma due to improper insertion
What are the 2 contraindications of Intubation? 1. End stage disease 2. Patient family request 3. Living wills
What are the 4 "Indications" of Endotracheal Intubation? 1. Relief of upper airway obstruction 2. Protection of the airway prevent aspiration 3. To facilitate tracheal suctioning 4. To assist manual or mechanical ventilation 5 OR SAVO
How many protective reflexes does the airway have? 4
What are the 4 protective reflexes? 1. Pharyngeal Reflex 2. Laryngeal Reflex 3. Tracheal Reflex 4. Carinal Reflex
Laryngoscope Handle houses the what? Batteries
Macintosh Blade is curved or straight? Curved
How are Macintosh blades used? Curved blades are inserted into the vallecula to indirectly lift the epiglottis
Miller blades are also known as what? Wisconsin Blades
Miller blades are straight or curved? Straight
How are miller blades used? Straight blades are placed under the epiglottis to directly LIFT it and allow for visualization of the larynx
What are some "Indications" for Rae Tube? Nasal surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, Facial surgery, T&A surgery
What does LMA stand for? Laryngeal Mask Airway
What is an LMA used for? For use in emergency situations Provides a patent airway that is usually superior to that of other oro/naso airway Does not require head positioning Cuff rests against the upper esophageal sphincter
What does PMA stand for? Perilaryngeal Mask Airway
What is a PMA used for? Displaces glottis and opening sits above larynx and it is newer
What are the "Indications" for a Endobronchial tube? 1. Thoracic surgery 2. Broncho-spirometry 3. Thoracoscopies 4. Differential or selective lung ventilation 5. Lung Lavage
What are the immediate complications of endotracheal intubation? Tooth trauma, laceration of pharynx, esophageal intubation, right mainstem intubation, damage to vocal cords
What are the late complications of endotracheal intubation? Contamination, infection, cough mechanism reduced, damage to the vocal cords, edema, tube occluded with secretions
What are the indications of tracheostomy? 1. bypass upper airways 2. reduce anatomic deadspace by 50% 3. to prevent problems posed by oral and nasal ET tube 4. To allow swallowing and nourishment 5. long term airway care
What are the immediate complications of tracheostomy tubes? 1. Pneumothorax 2. bleeding 3. Thyroid injury 4. patient discomfort 5. subcutaneous emphysema
What are the late complications of tracheostomy tubes? 1. hemorrhage 2. infection 3. airway obstruction 4. tracheoesophogeal fistula 5. interference with swallowing 6. tracheitis
Cuff pressure should be kept less than what? 25 torr
Cuff pressure >30torr obstructs what? Arterial flow (ischemia)
Cuff pressure >20torr obstructs what? Venous flow (congestion)
Cuff pressure >5torr obstructs what? Lymphatic flow (edema)
Formula for suction catheters? (ETT x 3)/2
HME is best used for less than how long? 96 hours but usually changed every 24
Created by: Langhout1418
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