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Italian SW List 8

fanno they are doing, making
hanno they have
possono they are able to, they can
devono they should they must
finisco I am finishing
siccome, poiche' since
comunque however, in any case, no matter how.
ovunque everywhere, where ever
gia already
dunque therefore
qualsiasi whatever, any
luogo place
posto Seat
c'era there was
saro' I will be
Non possono mangiare perche non hanno dinaro. They cannot eat because they have no money.
poiche' non ho dinaro, non posso mangiare. Since I don't have money I can not eat.
Puoi sedersi in qualsiasi posto che vuoi. You can sit in whatever seat that you want.
Gia e' tempo di fare I compiti. Already it's time to do homework.
C'era tre studenti che non studiavano. There were three students who were not studying.
Ovunque vai ci sono problemi. Wherever you go there are problems.
Vado a studiare comunque no voglio perche sono stanco. I am going to study however I don't want to because I am tired.
Saro' contento quando c'e pace nel mondo. I will be happy when there is peace in the world.
Andiamo a un luogo secreto per fare qualcosa importante. We are going to a secret place to do something important.
Created by: gmat2012