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RadT 465

Patient Care

What is the normal beats/min for infants? 100-160 (pg 23.)
Medical term for difficulty breathing? Dyspnea (pg. 49)
A patient who is "cyanotic" presents with these types of symptoms? bluish lips, mucous membranes, and nail beds (pg. 49)
This infection is from intervention performed by physician. Iatrogenic (pg. 38)
The ___________ the gauge the smaller bore diameter. Larger (pg. 52)
The most common nosocomial infection is? Urinary tract infections (pg. 55)
Give 3 examples of a type of port of entry. breaks in skin, GI tract, mucous membranes of eyes, nose, mouth, respiratory tract, and urinary tract (pg. 36)
"Respondeat superior" means what? Let the master answer (pg. 8)
When transferring a patient from wheelchair to x-ray table patients weaker side should approach x-ray table first? True/False False- Always allow patients STRONGER side to x-ray table first. (pg 25.)
Using alcohol- based hand sanitizers will kill C. difficile. True/False False- Using alcohol-based sanitizers will not kill C. difficile. (pg. 34)
What is the purpose of a Port-A-Cath? Long-term use for chemotherapy and blood transfusion. (pg 55).
Which contrast agent produces less side effects Ionic or non ionic iodinated contrast? Nonionic iodinated contrast (pg. 63)
What is the medical term for a nosebleed? Epistaxis (pg. 65)
What types of seizures are subtle and go unnoticed by patient or observer. Petit mal (pg. 66)
Define the term assault. To threaten harm (pg. 7)
Define the term battery. To carry out a threat. Example being performing an examination on the wrong patient. (pg. 7)
Surgical asepsis is also referred to as what? Sterilization (pg. 34)
Parental routes of administration of medication is through the digestive tract. True/False False (pg. 59)
Reactions to contrast media occur how soon after administration? Within 2-10 minutes (pg. 61)
How much angulation of a needle is needed on the average patient when breaking skin surface for IV injection? 15 degrees (pg. 71)
Define tort. A private/ civil injustice, injury, or misconduct (pg. 7)
Performing an exam on someone without their consult is an act of what? Battery (pg. 12-14)
List the 6 steps of the Cycle of Infection 1. Infectious Organism/Pathogen 2. Reservoir of Infection 3. Portal of exit from reservoir 4. Way of transmission 5. Susceptible Host 6. Portal of entry into new susceptible host (pg. 35)
A vector is someone who carries an infections organism? True/False False A vector is an insect or animal not a human (pg. 36)
The ____________ sound heard is systolic pressure when taking blood pressure. First (pg. 50)
Explain what an anticoagulant does and an example of it. Prevents blood clotting; Warfarin, heparin (pg. 62)
When log rolling it a patient a physician must be present whenever the patient's position is changed. True/False True (pg. 65)
Medical term for diminished oxygen supply. Hypoxia (pg. 50)
Practicing good body mechanics includes lifting and pulling heavy objects. True/False False Always push or roll heavy objects (pg. 25)
_______________________________, indicates the patients' dignity and modesty are respected. Right to privacy (pg.6 )
List 3 examples of nonverbal communication touch, eye contact, professional appearance, body language, facial expressions, preparation and efficiency of radiographer (pg. 20)
Antiseptics _______________ down the growth of bacteria. Slow (pg. 37)
What type of drug can be given to stimulate urine? Diuretic: Flurosemide (Lasix) (pg. 62)
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