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Chemo Drugs

Description and strengthGeneric NamesMG/MLBag size/FluidFinal concentrationsStabilityInfusion/Admin instructions
Arzerra SDV ofatumumab 20mg/ml 1000ml ns total volume of fluid 1000ml withdraw amount of ns store diluted solution refig 36-46 f discard prepared solution after 24 hours. titrate, per package insert. premedicate with acetaminophen, and antihistamine and a corticosteroid. grade 1 o r2 reaction. infuse at one half of the previos insution rate. grade 3 or 4 infuse 12ml/hr
Avastin 100mg and 400mg SDV bevacizumab 25mg/ml 100ml ns 100ml may be stored for 8 hr in fridge IV 1st dose 90 min 2nd 60min then 30 min. wait to give until 28 days out of surgery or incision is healed. do not give with GI perforation. check protein in urine.
Azacitidine 100mg azacitidine vidaza IV - 10mg/ml SQ - 25mg/ml IV - 100ml ns inject into a 100ml infusion bag of ns Sq- 1 hr room temp and up to 8 hr fridge. IV infusion should be completed within 1 hr of reconstitution SQ rotate sites if >4ml use 2 syringes. IV infuse over 10 minutes. watch for renal toxicity.
Bendeka 100mgd MDV bendamustine hydrochloride 35mg/ml 50ml ns or d5 1.85mg/ml - 5.6 mg/ml Prepare as close as possible to admin time stable for 24 hours when rerig 6 at room temp wial should not be used for more than 6 dose withdrawals infuse over 10 minutes
bleomycin 15u, 30u SDV bleomycin sulfate IVP IVP need test dose for first 2 times given then IVP over 10 min with free flowing ns
carboplatin 600mg MDV carboplatin 10/ml ns volume determined by dose and final concentration concetraions 0.5mg/ms - 1.0 mg/ml 8 hrs room temp IV 30 mintues. check kidney function prior
Cisplatin cisplatin 1mg/ml 250ml ns protect form light use brown bag 0.05-2mg/ml stable for 72 hours at 4-25 C in combo tiwh mannitol IV 1 hr. pre/post hydration with 1L ns containing mag and K+
Cladribine cladribine 1mg/ml total volume 100 ml bacteriostatic ns and cladribine added with filter needle. VIC for 7 days. irritant-cold.
Cosmegen 500mcg SDV dactinomycin 500mgc/via L (0.5mg/ml) IVP 500mcg/ml chmically stable for 24 hours at room temp. 1.1 ml SW Highly toxic IVP over 10-15 min Vesicant - cold
Cyclophosphamide 500mg and 1000mg SDV Cyclophosphamide 20mg/ml 250ml ns 0.2-2mg/ml <2g=250ml >2g=500ml stable for 24 hours at room temp or 6 days fridge. IV 30minutes followed by 500 ml ns over 30 min
Cytarabine for pediatric infusions 100ml ns insuse over 15 min. irritant cold
Dacarbazine 100mg and 200mg SDV dacarbazine 10mg/ml 250ml ns protect form light use brown bag solution in bial stable at 4 C up to 72 hours room temp for 8 hr recon solution stable at 4c for 24 hours or 8 hr toom temp IV 30-60 min. protect from light
Dacogen decitabine 20mg/ml week 1 - 1000ml bag ns. wwek 2 500ml ns Use INLINE FILTER infusion should be completes within 15 hr 1st 50ml/hr increase by 50 ml every hour max 200ml/hr 2nd 50ml/hr for first hr escalate rate only if no reaction during first 3 hours increase rate by 50ml/hr every hour max 200ml/hr 3rd 100ml/hr increase by 50 ml every hour max 200ml/hr
Taxotere 160mg MDV socetaxel 10mg/ml dose 50-74 mg in 100ml bag dose 75-150mg 250ml bag dose 151-259mg in 500ml bag ns pvc free 0.3 to 0.74mg/ml room temp for 4 hrs use within 4 hrs including 1 hr admin IV other 1 hr 3 day premed with dex.
Adriamycin DOXOrubicin HCL 2MG/ML ivp IVP over 3-10 min with free flowing ns
DOXOrubicin Liposome 50mg/25ml SDV Doxorubicin Liposome 2mg/ml dose <90 mg in 250ml d5w soses > 90 mg in 500ml d5w refrigerate and administer within 24 hours IV start at 1mg/min if no reaction increase rate to finish in 1 hr
Erbitux 100mg and 200 mg SDV cetuximab 2mg/ml empty bag with filter preparations stable for 12 hrs in fridge and 8 hrs room temp IV leading dose 2 hrs . maintaenace dose 1 hr
Erwinaze 10,000unit vials asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi 5,000 units/mil diluted with 1 or 2 ml of preservatice free sterile sodium chloride ns 100ml administer within 4 hours admin over 1 to 2 hours
Entyvio 300mg SDV vedolizumab 60mg/ml 250ml NS four hours at 2 to 8 * C infusion over 30 min
Etoposide 500mg MDV etoposide 20mg/ml dose <100mg = 250ml ns 101-200mg=500ml ns >200= 1000ml ns 0.2 to 0.4mg/ml concentrations >0.4mg/ml are very unstable final concetrations of 0.2 to 0.4mg/ml are stable for 96 to 24 hr respectivelya t room temp IV over 1 hour
Etoposide 500mg MDV etoposide 20mg/ml dose 100mg - 250 ml ns 101-200mg - 500ml >200 100ml 0.2 to 0.4mg concentrations >0.4/ml are very unstable final concentration of 0.2 to 0.4mg are stable for 96 to 24 hours respectfully at room temp iv over 1 hr
Feraheme ferumoxytol 30mg/ml ns 100 100ml ns iv over 15 min
Fludarabine 05mg/ml SDV fludarabine phosphate 25mg/ml 100ml ns 100ml ns IV over 30 min
Fluorouracil Fluorouracil 50mg/ml ivp/civ ns ivp slow over 5 min
Fusilev 50 mg SDV levoleucovorin calcium 50mg 250 ml ns or d5w 0.5mg/ml
Gammagard loq 5g, 10g, 20g, 30g immune globulin IV stock vial use vented tubing 0.5 ml/kg/hr for 30 min increase every 30 min
gazyva obinutuzumab 25mg/ml day 1= 100 ml day 2 and next =250 ml ns final may be as low as 0.1 mg/ml 24 hr room temp IV 30 min
Gemzar gemcitiabine 38mg/ml 250ml ns 250 TV rate = 500ml/hr 0.1mg/ml 24hr room temp IV 30 min
Halaven 1mg/2ml SDV eribulin mesylate 0.5mg IVP or IV 100ml ns store in syringe up to 4 hours toom temp or 24 hrs fridge IVP 2-5 min with free flow ns
Herceptin 440mg MDV W/DIL trastuzumab 21mg/ml 250ml ns stable no more than 24 hr at 2-8C IV first dose 90 min then 30 min
Ifex 1 gm, 3gm SDV pwd ifosfamide 50mg/ml 10000ml ns 0.6mg/ml-20mg/ml this is unstable solution must give within 1 hour of mixing usually mix with mesna CIV.
Intron A Interferon Varies per vial size SQ = 50 miu/ml 100ml ns make sure final is not <10miu/100ml refrigerate intact vials infuse over 20 min
Irinotecan 40mg, 100mg (camptosar) irinotecan hcl 20mg/ml 250ml d5 and ns protect from light 0.12mg/ml - 2.8mg/ml 12hrs room temp 24 hours fridge IV over 90 min
Jevtana 60mg SDV cabazitaxel 10mg/ml 2050 ml ns IN LINE FILTER 0.1 to 0.26mg/ml 1st dilution stable for 30 min 2nd for 8 hrs room temp 24 hours in fridge IV over 1 hr
Kadcyla 100mg and 160mg ado-trastuzumab emtansine 20mg/ml 250ml ns IN LINE FILTER 250ml ns stable for 4 hours fridge 1st 90min then 30 min
kyprolis 60mg SDV LYO PWD carfilzomib 2mg/ml IV in 50ml of d5w stable in vial syringe and IV bag for 24 hours fridge or 4 hrs room temp IV over 2-10min
Keytruda pembrolizumab 25mg/ml 100ml-250ml INLINE FILTER ns final 1-10mg/ml at room temp no more than 4 hours IV over 30 min
Lemtrada alemtuzumab 10mg/ml IV in 100ml ns protect from light within 8 hours of dilution
Leucovorin 500mg SDV PWD leucovorin calcium 20mg/ml 250ml ns or d5w IV with oxaliplatin 2 hours with irinotecan 90 min
Mesna 100mg/ml 10ml MDV mesna 100mg/ml 1000ml ns CIV prevention of ifosfamide insuced hemorrhagic cystitis
Methotrexate for pediatric infusions 25mg/ml 100ml ns Infuse over 10-15 min
Mitomycin 20mg SDV PF PWD mitomycin 0.5 mg/ml IVP recon stable 1 week RT 2 wk fridge protect from light IVP free flowing ns
Mitoxantrone 20mg, 25mg, 30mg MDV mitoxantrone hcl 2mg/ml 100ml ns IV over 10 min
mechlorethamine 1mg/ml IVP this is a unstable solution must give IVP within 1 hr of mixing ns over 1-3 min
Navelbine 10mg/ml 1ml SDV vinorelbine tartrate 10mg/ml IVP tyringe dilute to 1.5 to 3mg/ml in ns or d5w Idiluted solution may be stored in polyrproylene for 24 hr normal light 5 to 30 C IVP 6 to 10 minutes through the highest port
Nplate 500 mcg/ml 250 mch add 0.72 ml SW, 500 mcg add 1.2
Octagam 1st 30 min or 0.01 mg/kg/min
Onivyde liposomal ririnotecan 43mg/10ml d5w, ns 500ml protect from light 4 hours at room temp or 24 in fridge IV over 90 min
Opdivo nivolumab 10mg/ml ns or d5w INLINE FILTER 1mg/ml to 10 mg/ml 4 hours room temp 24hr fridge infuse 60 min
Orencia 250mg/vial abatacept 25mg/ml total bag volume 100 ml ns INLINE FILTER when mix use only silicone free syringe included with package IV over 30 min. TB test prior to therapy
Oxaliplatin 100mg and 50mg SDV (eloxatin) oxaliplatin 5mg/ml 250ml - 500ml of d5w 6 hrs RT 24 FR IV over 2 hours
Paclitaxel 300mg MDV (Taxol) paclitaxel 6mg/ml weekly infusions 250 ml ns every 3 week infusion 500 ml ns IN-LINE FILTER non dehp 0.3 to 1.2 mg/ml chemically stable for up to 27 hours at RT and room lighting IV weekly over 1 hours every 3 weeks over 3 hours
Aredia 30mg, 60mg, 90m pamidronate disodium 3mg/mg 6mg/ml 9mg/ml 250ml -1000 ml NS 24 hr RT
Pegaspargase 750 units for pediatric infusions 150u/ml 100ml ns infuse 1-2 hours
Perjeta 420mg SDV pertuzumab 30mg/ml 250ml ns 250ml ns recon 24 hr FR IV initial dose 60 min then 30 min
Privigen immune globulin IV stock vial use vented tubing stock vial 200-800 mg/kg evry 3-4 weeks
Probenge sipuleucel-t each dose contains 50 million autologous cd54+cells infusion should not be resumed if the provenge infusion bag will be held at room temp for more then 3 hours IV 60min 30 min prior to administration
Remicade 100mg SDV PWD infliximab 250ml ns IN-LINE FILTER should begin within 3 hours of recon infuse over at least hours
Rituxan mg and mg SDV rituximab 10mg/ml 500ml NS 1 to 4mg/ml stable for 24 hours room temp 50mg/hr if no reaction escalate by 50mg/hr every 30min to max of 400mg/hr
Sylvant 100mg, 400 mg SDV siltuximab 20mg/ml d5 250ml PVC with DEHP or plyolefin and 0.2 micron filter solution needs to come to room temp over 30 min. recon with SW 100 mg =5.2)(400mg = 20ml) Infusion in 4 hrs 1 hr
Tecentriq 1200mg SDV atezolizumab 60mg/ml 250ml ns stable for 6 hr 24 FR 1200mg infusion over 60 min every 3 weeks if well tolerated 30 min
Topotecan 4mg/ml SDV PWD toptecan HCL 1mg/ml 100ml ns 0.01-0.5 mg/ml no preservatives use immediately IV over 30 min
Torisel 25mg SDV temsirolimus 25mg/ml initially then 10mg/ml after diluent is added 250ml ns IN-LINE FILTER non dehp protect from light 10mg/ml in 250ml ns admin within 6 hr form time diluted drug solution is added to ns infuse over 30 to 60 min
Tysabri natalizumab 20mg/ml 100ml nss after dilution use immediately or within 8 hr keep refrigerated IV over 1 hr
Vectibix panitumumab 20mg/ml us IN-LINE FILTER 100 ml ns. if dose exceeds 1g dilute in 150ml not to exceed 10mg/ml use diluted solution within 6 hr RT 24 FR IV over 60 min
Velcade 3.5mg SDV PWD bortesomib 3.5mg/ml IVP or 2.5mg/ml SQ IVP protect from light IVP or SQ admin within 8 hrs of preparation not stable in syringe for more than 3 hrs IVP 3-5sec consecutive doses 72 hours apart
Venofer 200mg SDV iron sucrose 20mg/ml 250ml ns less than or equal to 200mg over at least 15 min 400mg 2.5 hrs 500mg 3.5-4 hrs
Vinblastine 1mg/ml 10ml vinblastine sufate 1mg/ml IVP protect from light IVP Fatal if given intrathecal. IVP free flowing ns 1-2 min
Vincristine sul 1mg, 2mg SDV vincristine sulfate 1mg/ml IVP IVP fatal if given intrathecal. IVP 1 minute
Yervoy ipilimumab 5mg/ml 100-250ml ns calculate final concentration for size IN-LINE FILTER 1-2 mg/ml 24 hr FR RT IV90 min
Zaltrap 100mg, 200mg SDV ziv-aflibercept 25mg/ml 250ml ns IN-LINE FILTER use pvc bags containing dehp 4 hrs FR IV over 1 hr
Zoledronic acid 4mg/5ml SDV (zometa) zoledronic acid 4mg/5ml 100ml ns 100ml ns store at 2-8C infusion within 24 hrs IV no less then 15 min give over 20 to 30 min
Zoledronic acid 5mg/100 ml SDV (reclast) zoledronic acid 5mg/100ml stock vial stock vial room temp IV no less then 15 min gice ocer 20 - 30 min
Abraxane 100mg Paclitaxel (protein-bound) 5mg/ml empy bag N/A preferably should be used immediately by may be stored in fridge up to 4 hours Iv 30 minutes (30min limits hypersensitivity reaction.) dose adjustment for hepatic impairment, neuropathy dose reduction should be given 1st. Irritant - cold. can cause pneumonitis and sepsis.
Actemra 80mg tocilizumab 20mg/ml 100ml ns is adults and children 30 kg or more. 50ml ns in child < 30 kg total volume of fluid 100ml(pull equal volume) stable for 24 hours refrigerated IV 1 hour, not recommended with severe hepatic impairment monitor AST. So not give if ANC <500 and plt <50
Adcetris 50mg SDV Brentuximab Vedotin 5mg/ml 100ml-250ml ns, calculate final conc. 0.4mg/ml to 1.8mg/ml stable for 24 hours refrigerated IV 30 minutes. dose adjustment for renal and hepatic impairment, infusion reaction, peripheral neuropathy, Stevens Johnson syndrome and pulmonary toxicity. not with bleomycin.
Altimta 100mg and 500mg SDV Pemetrexed 25mg/ml 100ml ns 100ml ns total bolume of fluid 100ml - withdraw fluid to equal stable for 24 hours refrigerated. IV 10 minutes, must wait 30min after finished before starting platin drugs. make sure pt on folic acid, dexamethasone, and vit b12 inj. dose reduction for renal and hepatic impairment. adjustment for anc and platelets, diarrhea and neurotoxicity.
Arsenic Trioxide Trisonox 1mg/ml ns 250 Irritant- cold. check cbc, cmp, mag (K>4 mag >1.8) daily. ekg (3x week). can cause qt prolongation. dosing adjust for renal impairment. use with caution in hepatic impairment. moderate emetic potential. administer over 1-2 hours
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