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Science Chapter 5

Crust solid rock that makes up the Moon's and Earth's outermost layers
Earthquake a sudden shaking of the rock that makes up Earth's crust
seismograph a tool that graphs seismic wages as wavy lines and helps scientists detect earthquakes
weathering a process that breaks rocks into smaller pieces
erosion the removing of weathered rock
hurricane a violent, swirling storm with strong winds and heavy rains
mantle layer of rock below the crust
outer core liquid layer below the mantle
inner core sphere of solid material at Earth's center
fault a crack in the crust along which movement takes place
plateau a high, flat landform
fold a bend in the rock layers where plates meet
mountain a tall landform caused by a fold in the crust
seismic wave vibrations cause by earthquakes
volcano a mountain that builds up around an opening in Earth's crust
deposition the dropping off of weathered rock
terminus the downhill end of a glacier
moraine mounts formed by materials picked up by glaciers
flood an overflow of water onto land that is normally dry
tornado columns of spinning wind that move across the ground in a narrow path
landslide the sudden downhill movement of rocks and soil
avalanche the sudden downhill rush of ice and snow
delta an area where a river empties into an ocean, where it drops off bits of sand and soil
drainage basin the area of land drained by flowing water
continental shelf the land connecting shore to sea
continental slope beyond the continental shelf where the land is steeper and slopes down toward the ocean floor
continental rise the base of the continental slope that connects the continent and the ocean floor
ocean ridges long mountain ranges that stretch through the middle of some oceans
physical weathering a type of weathering that changes the size and shape of rocks without changing their chemical makeup
chemical weathering a type of weathering that changes the minerals that make up rocks
glacial debris the rocks leftover when glaciers melt
glacial till a mix of gravel, small rocks, sand and clay that is left by a glacier
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