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physics 1-3

phsyics chap 1-3 bushong

the periodic tablet is based on what? the atomic number (number of protons)
how fast does electromagnetic energy travel? the speed of light
are x-rays monoenergetic? no
are x-rays polyenergetic? yes
are x-rays electrically charged? no, neutral
can you focus x-rays with a lens? no
two types of mechanical energy? potential and kinetic
can mechanical energy be converted into chemical energy? yes
are x-rays able to travel in a vacuum? yes
what does the glass envelope of the tube do? acts as a vacuum
what is atomic mass? protons + neutrons
what is quantum number? number of shells (replaced lettering of shells)
x-rays ionize matter? TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
when an atom gives up or gains an electron? isotopes
atom that gains or losses and electron? ion
energy needed to remove an electron? binding energy
3 types of energy that radiology involves? potential, kinetic, electromagnetic
atomic number? number of protons, represented by the letter Z
smallest particle that has all the properties of an element? atom
material that has definite and constant composition? substance
how many naturally occurring elements are there? 92
do isotopes have the same or different mass numbers? different
do isotopes have the same or different atomic number? same
smallest particle of a compound? molecule
smallest particle of an element? atom
who is dmitri mendeleev? invented periodic table
anything that has mass and occupies space matter
matter that composes atoms? (all have the same atomic number) element
smallest component of an element? atom
determines the properties and chemical reactivity of an element? valence electrons
amount of matter contained in an object? mass
described the atom as looking like plum pudding and that electrons are part of all atoms? JJ Thomsom
who is known for calling center of atoms nucleus, designed nuclear models? rutherford
developed miniature solar system, electrons in orbits? bohr
discovered elements contain identical atoms? dalton
photon or bundle of energy in quantum chromodynamics theory? quarks
Newton's 3 laws? 1)inertia, 2)force applied to move an object is = to the mass of the object x the acceleration, 3)action/reaction
x-rays are highly penetrating, invisible rays which are a form of electromagnetic radiation? TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
x-rays are electrically neutral? TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
x-rays travel in wavy lines? TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
The law of conservation energy states? matter and energy can't be destroyed or created
energy needed to remove an electron is called? binding energy
Created by: srehrauer