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who invented fluoro & when? Thomas Edison-1896
what are the 4 parts of a fluoro unit II, tube, monitor, carriage(assembly)
what is the equation for minification gain minification=input square over output square
the photocathode does what? absorbs light and emits electrons
what is an algorithum? application of complex mathmatical farrahs
list 3 types of storages devices cd/dvd,hard drive,flash drive
3D volume of tissue is called a? voxel
what is the magnification equation for II? mag=original diameter over new diameter
list the 6 quality factor of a digital image brightness,contrast,resolution,distortion,exposure index,noise
controls the range at gray scale of a digital image window width
list 3 output devices monitor monitor(video),printer,fax
A device used to focus electrons in the II electrostatic lens
list 4 CR artifacts ghost image,dropout artifact,quantum mottle,heat blur
digital data can be? stored on disc,transfered on internet,printed on laser disc system
what is the matrix? total # of pixels
what is DICOM? digital imaging & communication in medicine
what is the most common viewing system in fluoro? real-time video
what is the mA range of the fluoro tube? 0.5-5.0mA
what is the equation for spatial resolution? SR=fov over matrix
when were II's invented? 1948
An artifact on a CR image due to imcomplete plate erasure is? phantom image
what is the equation for total brightness gain? BG=minification gain over flux gain
what do th electrostatic lens do in the II? focus & intensity electrons
what does FOV stand for? field of view
study for random access memory & is temporary RAM
what is the exposure index? # value representation of the exposure valve on the image.
list 3 types of input devices keyboard, mouse, scanner
what is the fluoro input phoshpor made of? CSI(cesium iodide)
what is the most common video viewing system in fluoro? Plumbicon
The input screen is-----in shape concave
list 2 types of monitors(viewing devices) CRT & LCD
list the layers of an image plate protective layer,phosphor layer,conductor layer,support layer,light sheild layer,light backing layer
stands for read only memory & is permanant ROM
what type of laser is used to process a digital image. Helium-Neon laser
what is HIS hospital info. system
what is the post processing technique that increases brightness along the edge of a image edge enchancement
This system uses a magnetic field for diagnostic exams. MRI
what is the 2D piece of an image? pixel
what is the kV range of a fluoro tube system? 25kV
what is a single character in binary code called? BIT
controls the level of brightness of the digital image window level
explain luminance vs ambient
explain raster pattern
explain resolution & distortion
explain DR & CR likness & differences
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