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Stack #2434084

How many teachers are in the United States? 4 Million
What is the racial makeup of most teachers? Gender? White females
How many decisions do teachers make daily? 3,000
Define student variability Differences among students in regard to their developmental needs, interests, abilities, and disabilities
What is tenure? Job security granted to teachers after satisfactory performance for a specified pd
What is a Magnet School? A school offering a curriculum that focuses on a specific area such as performing arts.
What are the three requirements for a highly qualified teacher? A bachelors degree, knowledge of subject, full state certification
What is alternative teacher certification? A provision allowing people who have completed college but not a teacher education program to become certified teachers
What does IEP stand for? Individualized education program
What does ELLs stand for? English-Language learners - students whose first language is not english
List four high demand fields of teaching science, math, bilingual, and special education
How many teachers in the U.S represent teachers of color? 17%
Why are teachers with disabilities effective? They can relate to students with disabilities and inspire the students
What is High Stakes Testing? Achievement tests that have high-stakes consequences for students, teachers, and administration
What is Student Diversity? Differences among students inn regard to gender, race, ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status.
Created by: 12katelyn1