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Chapter 1 & 2 Review

Macey Thompson, Kayla Arnett & Becca Rowe

Why do teachers want to teach? To create a difference, to shape students into the humans they need to be to success in the real world.
What is student variability? Difference among students in regards to needs, interests, abilities, and disabilities.
What is student diversity? Difference among students in regards to gender, race, ethnicity, and culture/religion.
What are the benefits of teaching? Job security, flexible hours, and benefits.
What are the challenges of teaching? Long work hours, high stakes testing, and low starting salaries.
What is High Stakes Testing? A mandated standardized test to assess students mastery of academic standards.
What type of areas are teachers most needed in? They are most needed in Math and Science.
What is tenure? Job security granted to teachers after satisfactory performance for a specific period, usually 2 to 5 years.
What are professional standards? Ensure that all students are taught by highly qualified teachers.
How many decisions do teachers make daily? 3000 decisions
How many teachers are in the US? There are 4,000,000 million teachers
What is the racial makeup of most teachers? Gender? Predominately white, females
What are some specialized areas of teaching? Art teachers, Music teachers, Vocational teachers, Phys Ed teachers, Special Education teachers
What is Special Education? Teachers who work with children in youth who have a variety of disabilities.
What is Vocational Education? Teachers train students to work in fields such as health care, business, auto repair, communications, and technology.
What does IEP stand for? ELLs? IEP stands for Individualized Education Program for students and work collaboratively with regular classroom teachers. Parents social workers, school,psychologist, and other school staff. ELL is English Language Learners.
What is teacher subject content knowledge? Pedagogical knowledge? Teacher subject content knowledge is just knowing what you're teaching, Pedagogical knowledge the joint product of wisdom about teacher and learning, students and content.
What are professional organizations? Example. Organizations that support a variety of activities to improve teaching in schools. Ex: The National Education Association
What is collaboration? Peer coaching? Collaboration is meaningful authentic relationships among professionals. Peer coaching is a mentoring program for new teachers.
What are charter schools? Independent, public schools, often founded by teachers that are given a charter to operate by a school district, state, or national government.
What are magnet schools? Offers a curriculum that focuses on a specific area such as the performing arts, math, science, international studies, or technology.
What are the three requirements for a highly qualified teacher? Self knowledge, knowledge of students, and knowledge of subject
What is alternative certification? They are designed for people who already have a bachelors degree in a field other than education and want to become licensed to teach
What are some of the challenges of teaching tech savvy students? How are teachers dealing with this challenge? Computers have changed the way people in the outside world read, write, calculate and think. Teachers are trying to integrate technology in the classroom.
How much time does the average teen spend daily with technology? 10 hours and 45 minutes
Created by: kayarnett