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Patient care

Unit 1: Patient Care

When assisting a patient with one strong side and one weak side; what is the best way to assist them to the x-ray table? Make sure their stronger side is closet to the table (Saia p.1)
What is it called when confidential patient information is disclosed with an unauthorized individual? Invasion of privacy (Saia p.1)
What is the name of the infection caused by a physician intervention? iatrogenic (Saia p.1)
Lidocaine can be used to treat patients with dysrhythmias? True or False? true (Saia p.2)
Bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, and asthma are all examples or COPD. True or False? True (Saia p.2)
What is it called when contrast is injected into a vein and it leaks out into the surrounding tissues. extravasation (Saia p.2)
An ineffective cardiac rhythm is corrected by what type of device? defibrillator (Saia p.2)
When two people are sterile and they are passing each other which direction should they pass; face to face or back to back? back to back (Saia p.3)
tourniquets, enema tips, and catheters may contain latex? True or False true (Saia p.4)
When a patient has orthopnea what is the best position to have them in for comfort? Erect (Saia p.4)
Where should a urinary foley catheter be placed during a radiology exam? below the bladder (Saia p.5)
When reading blood pressure, is the top number or the bottom number considered the contraction phase of the heart muscle? the top number (Saia p.5)
What can be used prior to a barium enema exam to help stimulate defecation? cathartic (Saia p.6)
How can the viscosity of contrast be reduced? by putting it in a warmer (Saia p.6)
what type of shock could a patient experience with a myocardial infarction or embolism? cardiogenic (Saia p.6)
What precautions are used for droplet? airborne precautions (Saia p.7)
If extravasation happens during an IV injection what should be done first? stop the bleeding by applying pressure the the vein (Saia p.7)
When a radiographer is moving heavy objects they should do what to put the least amount of strain on their back? pull the heavy object (Saia p.7)
Is oxygen considered a type of drug? yes (Saia p.7)
A Swan-Ganz catheter is what type of catheter? IV catheter (Saia p.8)
Salem-sump and Levin are what types of tubes? NG tubes (Saia p.9)
A Port-a-Cath, a PICC, and a Swan-Ganz catheter are what type of lines? central venous lines (Saia p.9)
What is the most effective way to sterilize? moist heat (Saia p.9)
Where should a patients chest tube be kept? below chest level (Saia p.9)
What is the normal range for BUN (blood urea nitrogen)? 8-25 mg/100 mL (Saia p. 9)
A object that has an infectious organism on it is called what? fomite (Saia p. 10)
Sneezing, hoarseness, and wheezing can all be symptoms of respiratory reactions to what in the radiology department? contrast media (Saia p.10 )
Skin discoloration due to cyanosis can be seen in the gums and earlobes. True or False True (Saia p. 11)
What is urticaria hives (Saia p. 11)
millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) is a unit of measurement for which vital? BP, O2, or HR? BP blood pressure (Saia p.11 )
To find a good pulse which blood vessels are best to use? superficial arteries (Saia p. 12)
ventricular septal defect is what? disorder in which blood shunts between the right and left ventricles (Saia p. 12 )
If a patient is suspected or has a spinal cord injury what is the proper way to move them? logrolling (Saia p. 12)
References Saia, D.A. (2011). Lange Q&A: Radiography Examination (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill.
Created by: Araina