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Road to Amer. Rev.

This act placed a tax on Sugar and Molasses Sugar Act
According to this act American Colonists were not allowed to move into the Ohio River Valley Quebec Act
This act controlled trade, manufacturing, and shipping to other countries Navigation Acts
According to this act , American Colonists were required to house British soldiers. Quartering Act
This act or law was also extended to providing the British troops or soldiers with supplies. The “supplies” under this law were Food, Clothing, Silver, Gold, and Money. Quartering Act
This act did not place taxes on Leather. Townshend Acts
This act was meant to keep this British Tea Company in business. Tea Act
According to this act, taxes were placed on any and all items that were made of paper. Stamp Act
American Colonial responses to this act were formed Militias, sent representatives to the 1st Continental Congress and started Colonial boycott of British goods. Intolerable Acts of 1774
This type of government best depicts the British rule. Monarchy
What best depicts the rule of the American people today in the 21st Century. Constitutional Democratic Republic
Which colonies are the geographical regions which are best associated with shipbuilding and fishing. New England Colonies
According to “Salutary Neglect”, the British favored rule by a what or what? king or queen
How are the Southern Colonies best represented? B the growing of sugarcane and tobacco
On December 16th, 1773, sixty Bostonians disguised as this and dumped about 362 chests of this into the Boston Harbor. Mohawk Indians tea
How did the British Response to Tea Party? They assembly and town meetings dissolved, port of Boston closed, and British tried in England.
Colonists respond to the tea party by gathering together at town hall meetings and the British military then did what? They came in and puts a stop to these meetings.
England shuts down imports and exports in response to the tea party, which means what? There is no shipping or trading anymore in or out of Boston.
The American Colonial response to the British enactment/passage of laws was doing what? Colonists boycotted/ refused to buy British goods and they smuggled goods.
The British what represented the name of the British lawmaking body of people. Parliament
According to this, the Colonies provided raw materials for England/Great Britain. British Mercantilism
According to British Mercantilism, the Thirteen British Colonies were expected to serve as this for English manufactured goods. a marketplace
According to the this, England wanted to be sure to avoid any trouble with the American Indians Proclamation Line of 1763
According to the this, the American Colonists anger is depicted (shown) by Payment for cost of the war, Payment for the presence of the British troops to protect the Colonists. Proclamation Line of 1763
You also need to be able to apply these levels of history and levels of geography to information about the Road to the American Revolution: Multiple perspectives Changes over time Political History Language of the Discipline Big Ideas Geographical Level of History Economic history Details Rules
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