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Middle Childhood

Growth Spurt a period during which growth advances at a dramatically rapid rate compared with other periods
Reaction Time the amount of time required to respond to a stimulus
ADHD a disorder characterized by excessive inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity
Dyslexia a reading disorder characterized by letter reversals, mirror reading, slow reading, and reading comprehension
Learning Disabilities Disorders characterized by inadequate development of specific academic, language, and speech skills
Mainstreaming placing disabled children in classrooms with nondisabled children
Transitivity the principle that if A>B and B>C then A>C
Seriation placing objects in an order or series according to a property or trait
Sensory Register another term for sensory memory
Encode to transform sensory input into a form that is more readily processed
Rehearse repeat
Metacognition awareness of and control of one's cognitive abilities
Chronological Age (CA) a person's age
Culture-Free descriptive of a test in which cultural biases have been removed
Creativity a trait characterized by flexibility, ingenuity, and orignality
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