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ARRT review covering patient care

1- which blood vessels are best suited for determination of pulse rate ? Superficial arteries. (lange Q&.p1 )
2- an iatrogenic infection is one caused by ? Physician intervention (lange Q&.p1 )
3- a vasomotor effect experienced after injection of contrast agent is characterized by all of the following symptoms except A- nausea B-syncope C-hypotension hypotension (lange Q&.p1 )
4- which of the following drugs is used to treat dysthymias? lidocaine (lange Q&.p2 )
6- in classifying IV contrast agents the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water defined? Osmolality (lange Q&.p2 )
7- a patient who is warm, flushed, or feverish is said to be ? Febrile(lange Q&.p3 )
8- in which stage of infection do the infective microbes begin to multiply? Incubation period(lange Q&.p3 )
9- "the wheelchair should be 45 degree to the X-ray table" true or false?! True(lange Q&.p 5 )
10- in her studies on death and dying, dr. Elizabeth Ross described the first stage of grieving process as ? Denial(lange Q&.p 5 )
11- a cathartic is used to ? Stimulate dedication(lange Q&.p5 )
12- another term used to describe nosocomial infection is ? Healthcare-associated infection(lange Q&.p5 )
13- what is the needle angle usually recommended for intravenous injections?! 15 degrees(lange Q&.p5 )
14- which of the following may be used to effectively reduce the viscosity of contrast media? Warming(lange Q&.p5 )
15- the type of shock often associated with pulmonary embolism or myocardial infarction is classified as ? Cariogenic(lange Q&.p5 )
16-what type of precaution prevent the spread of infection agents in droplet from? Airborne precautions(lange Q&.p 6 )
17- each of the following is an example of a fomite except? A- a spoon B- a doorknob C- a tick A tick(lange Q&.p 6 )
18- define as a circumstance in which both the healthcare providers and patient's actions contributed to an injurious outcome? Contributory negligence(lange Q&.p6 )
19- what the diastolic pressure reading might indicate hypertension? 100 mm Hg(lange Q&.p6 )
20- while performing mobile radiography on a patient you note that the requisition is for a chest image to check placement of a swan-ganz catheter. A swan-ganz catheter is a ? IV catheter(lange Q&.p7 )
21- all the following are central venous line except A- a Salem-sump B- a PICC C- port-a-cath a Salem-sump(lange Q&.p8 )
22- the most effective method of sterilization is? Moist heat(lange Q&.p 8 )
23- the condition in which pulmonary alveoli lose their elasticity and became permanently inflated causing the patient to consciously exhale is ? Emphysema(lange Q&.p8 )
24- what venous device can be used for a patient requiring IV injections at frequent or regular intervals? Intermittent injection port(lange Q&.p 8 )
25- all the following are form of mechanical obstruction seen in neonate or infants except? A- paralytic ileus B- meconium ileus C- volvulus paralytic ileus(lange Q&.p9 )
26- the pain experienced by an individual whose coronary arteries are not conveying sufficient blood to the heart is called ? Angina pectoris(lange Q&.p9 )
27- an MRI procedure is contraindications for a patient who has? Cochlear implant(lange Q&.p9 )
28- the medical term for hives is ? Urticaria(lange Q&.p10 )
29- which ethical principles is related to sincerity and truthfulness? Veracity(lange Q&.p10 )
30- the medical term for congenital clubfoot is ? Talipes(lange Q&.p 10 )
31- hypochlorite bleach (Clorox) and Lysol are examples of ? Disinfectants(lange Q&.p10 )
32- the medical abbreviation meaning "after meals" is ? Pc(lange Q&.p 13)
33- the practice that is used to related the growth of pathogenic bacteria is termed? Antisepsis(lange Q&.p 14 )
reference Saia, D. A. Lange Q & A Radiography Examination. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2016. Print.
Created by: kkaljadani