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TFA words 31-50

Things fall apart vocab

To thrive, to grow well Flourish
A person who is elusive or hard to find, wandering Fugitive
Characterized by sever suffering or sorrow, serious or grave Grievous
Things that precede and forecast Harbingers
Worship of idols, excessive devotion Idolatry
Extremely overbearing Imperious
Not providing for the future, not thrifty Improvident
Disrespectful, characterized by improper bold behavior Impudent
Beginning to come into being, the early stage of something Incipient
To start a fire, to stir up Kindle
Abundant in growth, very fertile Luxuriant
Ill will or evil intentions Malevolence
Motivated by hate or deliberate intent to harm Malicious
Gladness and merriment usually accompanied by laughter Mirth
Threatening Ominous
Opposed to war or use of force Pacifist
To prolong the existence of something Perpetuate
Mournful and expressing sorrow Plaintive
Feathers of a bird Plumage
Piercing, incisive, and keen Poignant
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