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Film Critique/Study

Density on the Cards I score 55%.1st.x.

What is it called when you change distance while maintaining density? New mAs Law.
What is Density? The amount of light shined on one side of the film vs. amount of light shined through the film.
ma.time= mAs
How much of a change in mAs is required to produce a visible change in film density? 30%
What is TFD? Total Film Distance. Same as FFD or SID.
What is OFD? Object to Film Distance or air gap technique.
What is OID? Object to Image Distance
Anything that increases scatter, increases what? Density
What is the correct Developer temperature? 95 degrees
To increase density, what do you do? What do you do to reduce density? To increase, double the maS, To reduce, divide.
Anything you turn up on a machine, makes density do what? Go up.
If an x-ray is too light, what do you do to change it? Double the mAs.
Need more contrast? What do you do? Go down with KVP, down with mAs.
What do you measure density with? Densitometer.
What is the density scale? What makes the x-ray black? .25 to 2.5 Angstroms. 2.5 is black. .25 is the lightest you can go as there is a blue tint.
What is the controlling factor for changing film density? mAs
How should exposure time be changed when going from a slow screen to a medium screen? Decrease the time.
Increasing the kVp will have what effect on density? Density goes up.
Which technique would yield the greatest film density? High mAs, shorter distance (i.e, 200 mAs, 36")
What is the result of an image if the FFD is increased without making the proper technique adjustment? Decreased density.
What is the relationship between mAs and film density? Direct
The added density on a film due to high development temperatures is referred to as: Chemical fog
If you double the FFD, what happens to the beam intensity? Decrease by 4
If FFD is doubled, what is the correct technique adjustment to maintain the same film density? Increase by 4.
Film density needs to be increased; if the mA remains the same, what other technique factors can be adjusted to accomplish this? Time and kVp
How can you maintain film density if a grid is introduced into the exam? Increase the mAs
What structure in the body is considered radiopaque? Bone
Beam restrictors have what kind of affect on beam quality? Reduce
Decreasing the mA from 300 to 100 mA will do what to density? Decrease
Changing exposure time from .6 sec to .08 will do what to density? Decrease
Changing from a high speed screen to a medium speed screen will do what to density? Decrease
Decreasing development temperature will do what to density? Decrease
Increasing kVp from 60 to 100 kVp will do what to density? Increase
Changing from non-grid to 8:1 grid will do what to density? Decrease
Changing from a small to a large focal spot will do what to density? Nothing....not affected.
Increasing FFD from 40" to 72" will do what to density? Decrease
What effect does any OFD have on film density? Decrease
Casting a part can make it almost twice as thick; how would this affect film density? Decrease. Fiberglass, go up 30% wet or dry. Plaster: Dry: mAs x2, wet: mAs x4
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