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IV Test 1

What is dilution, mixing, and injection of various medication products using aseptic technique Sterile Compounding
What is process and physical preparation methods used by personnel who prepare sterile compounds; meant to prevent the introduction of pathogenic organisms or other contaminants into a sterile environment or preparation. Aseptic Technique
What does IV mean Intavenous
What does IM mean Intramuscular
What does Sub-Q mean Subvutaneous
What does IT mean Intrathecal - Between vertebrates, usually under, pediatric patients
What does USP stand for United States Pharmacopia
What are the 4 risk Levels of CSPs Low-Risk Medium-Risk High-Risk Immediate USE.
What are the Patients Rights Right patient Right drug Right dose Right route Right time
What is Medication Error Preventable error in which a patient is harmed by a medication or would have been harmed if the medication had been administered.
Heath Status: You cannot work if you have rash, weeping sores, acute respiratory infection, sunburn, pink eye or wearing make up
Before entering the buffer area you must remove- outer garments, jewelry, all make up, fake nails/nail polish
How to put on PPE(Garb) Dirtest to cleanliest: Shoe covers Hair Cover Face Mask Wash hands to elbows with warm water for 30 secs, remove dirt from nails and scrub vigorously Gown Hand Sanitizer Gloves Spray with Isoprpyl alcohol 70%
What is the name of the hand scrub Chlorhexidine Gluconate
What is the most common means of contamination a pharmacy-compound sterile production have? Touch Contamination
What are the different syringes and what are they used for Glass: used for when a medication needs to be stored for a period of time or the drug is unstable in plastic Plastic: Cost less, used when contact time is short, do not break
Define Multi-dose vials Contains a preservative, therfore can be drawn from multliple times for up to 28 days
Define Single-dose vials Contains no preservative and can only be drawn from once
Rubber Stoppers Must be swabbed with 70% Isopropyl 3times & let dry before needle enters
What are repeater pumps used to rapidly transfer sterile fluids from large volume or bulk containers into small volume containers such as syringes or vials
What should the temperature be in the clean room? 68 degrees far or cooler
What is an anteroom It is a room that provides a space where sterile compounding personnel can garb and perform aseptic hand washing.
How far should you working within a hood? 6 inches.
Describe Low Risk CSP - no more than 3 commerically package sterile products & no more than 2 seperate injectinon into sterile container
Describe Medium Risk CSP - same conditions as low risk but also involves other more complex, sterile compounding procedures ex. TPN Total parental nutrition
Describe High Risk CSP - same conditions as low & medium risk but also involves the preparation of medication where one or more products being prepared is not sterile or prepared in less than an ISO class 5 - sterilization methods: filter and Heatq
Describe Immediate USE CSP - Intended only for use of emergency admitted CSP, must be used within 1 hour of prep.
Define Adverse Drug Events harming patients through a variety of errors in CSP preparations Ex. wrong ingredients, wrong stenghts
Define Compounding means the preparation, mixing, assembling, packaging or labeling of a drug or device. -Intended for a specific person
Define Manufacturing means the production, preparation, propagation, conversion, or processing of a drug of device -Intended for a wide variety of patients



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