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ARRT registry review covering patient care content area.

What would cause a radiography student from meeting the ARRT certification requirements? Being suspended from a radiography program and being dismissed/expelled from a radiography program. pg. 12
When one discloses confidential information to unauthorized individuals may be found liable of? Defamation pg.12
To threaten a patient with harm Assault Pg. 7
Normal Adult Body Temperature (Oral) 98.6 Pg. 22
Normal Adult Pulse Rates Men- 68-75 Women- 72-80 Pg. 23
Diaphoretic patient will exhibit: Pale, cool & clammy skin Pg.30
Removal of all microorganisms. Example: Surgical Suite Surgical Asepsis (Sterilization) Pg. 34
5 different types of transmission. Droplet, Airborne, Contact, Vector & Vehicle Pg. 36
Examples of airborne infections TB, Varicella & Rubeola Pg. 39
Examples of droplet infections Rubella, Mumps & Influenza Pg. 39
Blood pressure is measured using what two things? Sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. Pg. 50
This identifies the diameter of the needle bore/lumen. Gauge Pg.52
Examples of positive (radiopaque) contrast media Barium Sulfate & Iodinated Pg.59
Patient preparation for an UGI NPO after midnight Pg. 60
Most commonly used site for an intravenous injection of contrast media Antecubital vein Pg. 71
Angle that should be formed between the needle & skin surface for intravenous injections? 15 degrees Pg. 71
What is the term for the illegal restriction of a persons freedom? False Imprisonment Pg. 7
Spoken defamation of a patient Slander Pg. 7
Meaning of res ipsa loquitur "The thing speaks for itself" Pg. 8
Examples of nonverbal communication Facial expressions, Touch & Eye contact Pg.17
This type of communication involves the tone & rate of speech. Verbal Communication Pg.20
A patient that exhibits hot & dry skin? Febrile Pg. 21
What are objectives signs? Patient's appearance & condition. Pg. 21
What are subjective signs? Those perceived by the patient. Pg. 22
Most common palpated pulse points Radial, Carotid, Temporal, Femoral & Popliteal pg. 22
Blood pressure varies in individuals because of: Age, Sex, Fatigue, Metal/physical stress, Disease & Trauma Pg. 23
Normal adult respiration rate 10 to 20 breaths per minute Pg. 30
What is the term for contraction of the heart chambers? Systole Pg. 30
Common bloodborne pathogens Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B & HIV Pg. 35
This contact involves touching Direct Contact Pg. 37
Insect or animal carrier of infectious organisms Vector Pg. 36
To keep a susceptible patient whose immune system is compromised from becoming infected. Examples: Burns, Transplants, Chemo, & Leukemia Protective/Reverse Isolation Pg. 41
Term for when a patient has an abnormally fast heart beat Tachycardia Pg. 49
Created by: bchubb