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MISD Force & Motion

Mostly Force and Motion

What force makes a parachute soar? wind
What kind of force is used on a keyboard? Push
What force makes a drill move? Electricity
What kind of force is used when opening a door? Push or pull
How can you turn a metal paper clip into a magnet? Rub it many times with a magnet
What will happen when a N pole touches a S pole of a magnet? Attract
Which mineral is naturally magnetic? Lodestone or magnetite
What force makes it difficult for space ships to escape the Earth's atmosphere? Gravity
What is a science vocab. word that means to move faster? Acceleration
The space an object travels over a certain time is called? Distance
The change in position of an object: Motion
What will affect how fast a baseball pitcher pitches the ball? The amount of force used
How can a soccer player change the force of a soccer ball? by changing the direction
What force do you use with a grocery cart? Push
What force do you use with a wagon? Pull
The measure of force that gravity has on an object is called? Weight
The greater mass an object has, the more _________ it takes to make it move. Force
An object at rest will remain at rest, an object in motion will? Remain in motion unless acted upon by unbalanced force
What is the force that pulls all objects toward the Earth? Gravity
If you rub a balloon a lot what will happen to your hair when you pull the balloon away? Your hair will fly up towards the balloon. (static)
What occurs when you quickly rub your hands together? Friction
A push or a pull. Force
To pull together Attract
Poles that are alike do what? Repel each other
The Earth is like a Magnet
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