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C202 Human Capital


Which situation is an example of a managerial ethical dilemma? Being asked to directly supervise a family member
An HR resource manual specifies that employees cannot be terminated or punished for refusing to follow an illegal request made by a supervisor. Utilitarian Standard
What is the goal of affirmative action? To seek to remedy past practices that innately caused an adverse effect on applicants
A female employer is accused of having an employment practice that negatively impacts women. Employer responds that she has the same requirements for male/female applicants and wants to hire other women. Why is this case potential Adverse Impact? Adverse impact is UNINTENTIONAL and relates to policies applied to ALL employees. Unintentional. Same standards for everyone.
Which protected classes must a company work with for hiring goals under Executive Order 11246? Minorities and Women
An employer terminates an employee for being unattractive and putting less effort in personal appearance. Why is this permitted under an At-Will employment relationship? An employer can terminate an employee for an immoral reason
Which law guarantees that women can take unpaid time off following the birth of a her child w/o fear of losing job? Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
What is the goal of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994? T prevent discrimination against employees who may be called into active military service
Which event should be covered under Worker's Comp? Breaking an arm while at work
How does an organization's human resource strategy support the organization's business strategy? By helping it to Acquire, Develop and Retain the talent needed to fulfill its strategy
What is the primary function of HRM? Retaining talent
How does effective human resource management improve organizational performance? It enhances a company's ability to cope with growth and change
Which characteristic of an employee should HRM focus on to enhance organizational culture? Motivation to advance w/in an organization
Which belief is an example of bias creating barriers to equal treatment in an organization? Extrovert employees are the most effective
Which factor in successful organizational change can be provided thru effective HRM? Innovation
What is the organization's formal system of task, power and reporting relationships called? An Organizational Chart
How does HRM support organizational leadership? By providing employees w/opportunities for professional development and growth
Which decision can HRM assist w/during combination stage of mergers and acquisitions? Which employees to retain
How can HRM serve as internal consultants? By helping managers develop business plans
What are two uses of a job analysis? Developing a recruiting plan and designing a compensation plan for a particular job
How can HRM use performance metrics to benefit their organization? They can use metrics to reveal weakness in critical division to influence staffing plans
Why might an organization want to increase its efforts at inclusion and diversity? To increase the average level of employee education.
Classify each example as policy or procedure: The company advocates...POLICY Employees should avoid discriminatory language. POLICY Employees should give prior written notice to supervisor for time off. PROCEDURE To receive travel reimbursement submit. PROCEDURE
How does an employee handbook protect employees? It ensures that employees are informed about company expectations, policies and benefits
Which situation is an example of poor person organizational fit? Employee has necessary training, skills for position but has different values than employer
How does sourcing affect recruiting? Effective sourcing improves compatibility of talent pools to open positions
What is a benefit of external recruiting? External recruiting can bring in new ideas and insights
Which request might be asked during a case interview? Explain how you would react if asked by coworker to take shorts cuts to meet job expectations
Why might HRM place limited importance on distributive fairness in the hiring process? This type of fairness cannot be measured in any meaningful manner
Which step in an effective training program involves determine the best setting, methods and materials to be used? Designing and training systems
Which type of training includes both role-playing and action learning? On-the-job training
What does a person's learning style determine? The instructional methods that are most effective for training
During which level of Kirpatrick's training evaluation might participants take a test on the training materials? Learning
How can performance management help an organization evaluate change initiatives, training procedures, and new technologies? By generating useful data
How can goal setting boast employee performance? By focusing attention on specific objectives
Which source of performance info is most knowledgeable about an employee's day-to-day performance in self-management teams? Coworker
How does providing regular feedback to employees relate to their goals? It helps direct progress toward goals
An employee has already been approached concerning poor performance, but is not improving. Which corrective discipline should be repeated w/a stronger statement of the consequences for not improving? Written warning
Steps of progressive discipline in order from 1 - 4 Counseling = 1 Written warning = 2 Suspension w/o pay= 3 Termination = 4
What is an example of opportunity bias? Manager gives employee low performance ratings as result of failed project, even though failure was the result of outside factors.
What is a critical factor in creating a culture of safety? A commitment of an organization to the protection and well-being of its employees
What is a function related to the primary goal of OSHA? To correct hazards
How do employee wellness programs benefit employers? By reducing workers' compensation and disability-related costs
What determines whether stress is functional or dysfunctional? How manageable it is and the emotions it causes
What is an example of bullying in the workplace? Intimidating a coworker
What is an example of holding the target of bullying to a different performance standard? Assigning the target unrealistic goals and deadlines
Which organization advocates that well-written implemented workplace violence prevention program can reduce incidence of workplace violence in all workplaces? OSHA
Which tactic can employers use to improve employee engagement and motivation towards safety? Training
How does a safe workplace positively relate to employee motivation and engagement? It encourages and environment for high employee production performance
What is the influence tactic that enhances one's formal authority to make a request by referring to precedents, rules, contracts or other official documents? Legitimating
Which act was intended to curb common work stoppages, strikes and general labor conflicts? Taft-Hartley Act
What is a psychological contract in the workplace? The hidden expectations and promises between an employer and an employee
Which type of compensation can developmental opportunities be considered? Nonfinancial compensation
What is a disadvantage of pay-for-performance plan? It could promote unintended consequences
What are two reasons why companies offer employee benefits 1. To provide employees with work-life balance 2. To boost employee satisfaction
Which type of a benefit are domestic partner benefits? Optional
What is the goal of an organization that offers the benefits of a wellness program, flextime, and personal days? to decrease absenteeism
What is the goal of an organization that offers an on-site day care for children and elderly people? To improve employer skills
What is the result of people being committed to, involved with, enthusiastic and passionate about their work? Employee engagement
Which action enhances employee engagement? Allowing employees to use their talents
What is affective Committment? Having positive emotional attachment to organization and strong identification with its values and goals
What is an example of voluntary turnover? An employee leaves for a higher paying job
What are two potential costs of voluntary turnover? 1. It leaders to having to training a replacement worker, and 2. It disrupts teamwork.
What are two retention strategies for reducing voluntary turnover? 1. Flexible work and 2. Quality leadership
Which factor may increase a company's voluntary turnover? Poor economic environment
What is the difference between replacement planning and succession management? Identifying specific backup candidates vesus building feeder groups up and down the leadership pipeline
What is an example of workplace redeployment? A firm assigning a Java It expert to a new client requesting a Java IT engineer
What should HRM use to determine performance metrics? Business goals
Which aspect of an organization is increased when policies of inclusion are adopted? Its talent pool
What are two physical changes that can be made to prevent workplace violence? 1. Implementing key card access, and 2. Putting in silent alarms
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