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PEDIA: milestones

0 -flexor tone predominates -prone, turns head to side -automatic reflex walking -rounded spine when sitting -hands fisted -grasp reflex -state-dependent ability to fix and follow bright obj Habituation and some control of state -cry -state dependent quieting -head turning to rattle/voice -sensorimotor (0-24mos) -reflex stage -basic trust vs mistrust -normal symbiotic phase (does not differentiate self and mom
4 mos -head midline -head held when pulled to sit -prone, lifts head to 90deg and lifts chest slightly -turns to supine -hands mostly open -midline hand play -crude palmar grasp -recognizes bottle -turns to voice and bell consistently -laughs, squeals -responsive vocalization -blows bubbles and raspberries circular reaction-interesting result of an action motivates repitition lap baby-developing sense of basic trust
7 mos
-maintains sitting (may lean on arms) -rolls to prone -bears all weight -bounces when held erect -cervical lordosis -intermediate grasp -transfers cube from hand to hand -bangs objects -differentiates b/n familiar person and stranger -holds bottle -looks for dropped objects -talks to mirror image -use 1-word and 2-consonant-vowel combinations ("mama", "dada") -5 mos, begins to differentiate mother and self (INDIVIDUALIZATION) -sense of belonging to a central person
10 mos -creeps on all 4s -pivot sitting -stands momentarily (cruises) -slight bow leg -inc lumbar lordosis (acute LS angualtion) -pincer grasp -mature thumb to index grasp -bangs 2 cubes held in hands -plays peek a boo -finger feeds -chews c rotary movt -shouts for attention -imitates speech sounds -waves bye bye -uses mama and dada -inhibits behavior to "no" -can retrieve object hidden from view -PRACTICE PHASE OF SEPARATION-individuation, practice imitating separations
14 mos -walks alone -arms in high guard or midguard -wide BOS -excessive knee and hip flexion -foot contact on entire side -slight valgus of knees and feet -pelvic tilt and rotation -piles 2 cubes -scribbles spontaneously -holds crayon full length in palm -casts objects -uses spoon with overpronation and spilling -removes garment -uses single words -understands simple commands -differentiates available behavior patters for new end (ex. pulls rug on which is a toy) -RAPPROCHEMENT PHASE-individuation; ambivalence behavior to mother -stage of autonomy vs shame and doubt -pleasures in control of mm and sphincter
18 mos -arms at low guard -mature supporting base and heel strike -seats self in a chair -walks backward -emerging hand dominance -crude release -holds crayon butt end in palm -dumps raisin from bottle spontaneously -imitates housework -carries, hugs doll -drinks from cup neatly -points to named body part -identifies one picture -says "no" -jargons -capable of insight -problem solving by mental combinations not by physical groping
2 y/o -begins running -walks up and down th stairs alone -jumps on both feet in place -hand dominance is USUAL -builds 8-cubed tower -align cubes horizontally -imitates vertical line -places pencil shaft b/n thumb and index finger -draws c arm and wrist action -pulls on garment -uses spoon well -opens door turning knob -feeds doll with bottle/spoon -toilet training usually begun -2-word phrases are common -uses verbs -refers to self by name -use "me", "mine" -follows simple directions -PREOPERATIONAL PERIOD (2-5 y/o) -able to evoke an object or event not present -object performance established -comprehends synmbols
3 y/o -runs well -pedals tricycle -broad jumps --walks up stairs alternating feet -imitates 3-cube bridge -copies circle -uses overhand throw with AP arm motion -catches c extended arms, hugging against body -toilet trained day and night -pours from pitcher -unbutton -washes and dries hands and face -parallel play -can take turns -can be reasoned with -3-word sentences are usual -uses future tense -asks "who", "what", "where" -follows prepositional commands -gives full name -may stutter, eager -identifies sex of self -recognizes 3 colors -preoperational period continues -child is capable of deferred limitation symbolic play -drawing of graphic images, mental images, verbal evocation of event -STAGE OF INTUITIVE VS GUILT (3-5 y/o) -deals c issue of genital sexuality
4 y/o -walks down stairs alternating feet -hops on one foot -plantar arches developing -sits up from upright position s rotating -handles pencil by finger and wrist action, like adults -copies cross -draws a froglike person c head and limbs -throws underhand -cuts c scissors -COOPERATIVE PLAY-sharing and interacting imaginative, make believe play -dresses and undresses c supervision, distinguishing front and back of clothes and buttoning -does simple errands -gives connected account of experience -asks "why", "when", "how" - uses past tense, adj, adv -knows opposite analogies -repeats 4 digits
5 y/o -skips -tiptoes -balances 10 secs on each foot -hand dominace expected -draws man c head, body and limbs -throws c diagonal arm and body ro
-hand dominace expected -draws man c head, body and limbs -throws c diagonal arm and body rotation -catches c hand -creative play -competitive team play -uses fork for stabbing food -brushes teeth -self sufficient toileting -dresses s supervision except tying shoelaces -fluent speech -miscalculation of some sounds may persist -gives name, age, address -defines concrete nouns (composition, classification, use) -follows 3-part commands -number concept to 10 -STAGE OF INDUSTRY VS INFERIORITY (5yo-adol) - adjusts himself to the inorganic laws of the tool world
6 y/o -rides bicycle -roller skates -prints alphabet; letter reversal still acceptable -mature throw and catch of ball -teacher is important authority -uses fork appropriately -uses knife for spreading -plays table games -shows mastery of grammar -uses proper articulation -STAGE OF INDUSTRY AND INFERIORITY CONTINUES
7 y/o -continuing refinement of skills -eats c fork and knife -combs hair -responsible for grooming -PERIOD OF CONCRETE OPERATIONAL THOUGHT (7-ADOL) -logical thinking
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