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VB 20

gregariousness is applauded here

quality of being unsophisticated naivete
pertaining to birth natal
swimming natation
cause to become sick; fill with disgust nauseate
main body of a church nave
cloudy; hazy nebulous
black magic; dealings with the dead necromancy
very wicked nefarious
denial negation
revenging agent nemesis
recent convert; beginner neophyte
favoritism (to relative) nepotism
annoy; vex nettle
connection nexus
beak; pen point nib
precison; minute distinction nicety
meanly stingy; parsimonious niggardly
done at night nocturnal
foul smelling; unwholesome noisome
wandering nomadic
indifference; lack of interest nonchalance
neutral; unpledged; undecided noncomittal
nonexistence; person of no importance nonentity
a conclusion that does not follow from the facts stated non sequitur
fragrant bouquet nosegay
homesickness; longing for the past nostalgia
outstandingly bad; unfavorably kknown notorious
beginner novice
harmful noxious
futile; worthless nugatory
person who collects coins numismatist
bring up; feed; educate nurture
providing nourishment nutrient
stupid awkward person oaf
stubborn obdurate
bow obeisance
tall column tapering and ending in a pyramid obelisk
fat obese
confuse; muddle obfuscate
death notice obituary
scold; rebuke severly objurgate
slanting; deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line oblique
departure from right principles; perversity obliquity
destroy completely obliterate
forgetfulness oblivion
slander; disgrace; infamy obloquy
offensive obnoxious
slavishly attentive; servile; sycophantic obsequious
fixed idea; continued brooding obsession
outmoded obsolete
push into prominence obtrude
pushing forward obtrusive
blunt; stupid obtuse
make unecessary; get rid of obviate
mysterious; secret; supernatural occult
physician who specializes in treatment of eyes oculist
hateful odious
giving off an odor odoriferous
having an odor odorous
meddlesome; excessively trying to please officious
glance coquettishly at; make eyes at ogle
concerning the sense of smell olfactory
government by a few oligarchy
threatening ominous
all-powerful omnipotent
all-knowing omniscient
eating both plant and animal food; devouring everything omnivorous
burdensome onerous
words formed in imitation of natural sounds onomatopoeia
viscious assault onslaught
iridescent opalescent
dark; not transparent opaque
sleep producer; deadener of pain opiate
timely; well chosen opportune
disgraceful opprobrious
maker and seller of eyeglasses optician
one who fits glasses to remedy visual defects optometrist
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