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reading applications

final exam review

long term goals things you want to achieve in the long range of time
goals things you want to achieve
activities (regards to goal setting) thing you do to help you achieve the goals
semester planner/calender master calendar- a way to organize and see whats ahead
short term goals things you want to achieve in the near future
weekly assignment planner tool for short term planner
title page title name, author, publishing company, copy right date
copy right date the date the book was published
index abc listing of words and topics found in a book how many times its mentioned in a book
preface/introduction backround of the time period, authors philosophy, a brief description of author or book, purpose for writing the book
publisher bind and copy the book
author writes the book
table of contents listing of the topics in the order they appear
glossary abc listing of vocabulary as they pertain to the text
conclusion summary or wrap up statement of a paragraph, it can restate the main points or show an advanced thought
outline note taking method using roman numerals, numbers, and letters
two column notes note take method with a main idea and detail focus
Explain facts and reasons to make something clear and understandable
Contrast Show how two or more things are different
Summarize present the main points in a brief form
Describe Present a full and detailed picture of something, include important characteristics and qualities
Justify Provide reasons and facts in support of something
Diagram Illustrate something by drawing a picture of it and labeling its parts
Analyze To break something down into its parts and show how parts relate to each other to make the whole
evaluate present both the positive and negative characteristics of something
define explain the meaning of something in a brief specific manner
list present information about something as a series of brief numbered points
compare see how two or more things are both similar and different
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