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Drug Quiz

Glucophage: Generic Name Metformin
Glucophage: Therapeutic Class Biguanade
Glucophage: Side Effects None
Glucophage: Indications Type 2 Diabetes
Glucophage: Dosage Form Oral Solution, Tablets & Extended Release Tablets
Glucophage: Auxillary Labels "Take with Food" "Do not use alcohol" "Do not crush or chew"
Amoxil: Generic Name Amoxicillin
Amoxil: Therapeutic Class Penicillin Antibotic
Amoxil: Side Effects GI Disturbances, Headache, Oral/Vaginal Candidasis
Amoxil: Indications Infections
Amoxil: Dosage Form Capsules, Powder for oral suspension, Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Extended Release Tablets
Amoxil: Auxillary Lables "Finish course of therapy"
Prilosec: Generic Name Omeprazole
Prilosec: Therapeutic Class Proton Pump Inhibitior
Prilosec: Side Effects Headache
Prilosec: Indications GERD
Prilosec: Dosage Form Powder & Granules for oral suspension, Capsules & Tablets ( delayed release)
Prilosec: Auxillary Lables "Take before meals" "Swallow whole"
Synthroid: Generic Name Levothyroxine
Synthroid: Therapeutic Class Thyroid Hormone Replacement
Synthroid: Side Effects None
Synthroid: Indications Hypothroidism
Synthroid: Dosage Form Capsules, Tablets, & Powder for reconsititution
Synthroid: Auxillary Labels "Shake till clear" "Use Immediately"
Norvasc: Generic Name Amlodipine
Norvasc: Therapeutic Class Calcium Channel Blocker
Norvasc: Side Effects edema, headache, flushing
Norvasc: Indications Hypertension
Norvasc: Dosage Form Tablets
Norvasc: Auxillary Labels "Dont take other medicaions without physician approval" "Dont consume grapefruit juice"
Zocor: Generic Name Simvastation
Zocor: Therapeutic Class HMG-COA Reductase Inhibitor
Zocor: Side Effects None
Zocor: Indications Hyperlipidemia
Zocor: Dosage Form Tablets
Zocor: Auxillary Labels " Give without regard to meals" "Take at Night" "Don't consume grapefruit juice"
Lipitor; Generic Name Atorvastatin
Lipitor; Therapeutic Class HMG-COA Reductase Inhibitor
Lipitor; Side Effects None
Lipitor; Indications High Chloresterol
Lipitor; Dosage Form Tablets
Lipitor; Auxillary Lables "Don't consume grapefruit juice"
Lipitor; Adverse Reaction Unexplained muscle pain
Prinivil: Generic Name Lisinopril
Prinivil: Therapeutic Class ACE Inhibitor
Prinivil: Side Effects Headache, dizziness, postural hypotension
Prinivil: Indications Hypotension
Prinivil: Dosage Form Tablets
Prinivil: Auxilllary Labels None
Microzide: Generic Name Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTC)
Microzide: Therapeutic Class Thiazide Diuretic
Microzide: Side Effects Frequent Urinatin
Microzide: Indications Edema & Hypertension
Microzide: Dosage Form Capsules & Tablets
Microzide: Auxillary Labels "Avoid Sunlight"
Vicodin: Generic Name Hydrocodone/ Acetaminophen
Vicodin: Therapeutic Class Opoid Agonist S-2
Vicodin: Side Effects Hypotension, Facial Flushing, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Lethargy, & Diapharesis
Vicodin: Indications Pain
Vicodin: Dosage Form Capules & Tablets
Vicodin: Auxillary Lables "May cause drowsiness" "Do not use alcohol" "Do not transfer to others"



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