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Pfan- Geog

Geography Final

Longitude is measured in degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian
Building wide, flat rows on hillsides to hold rain water and allowing it to soak is in is called Terracing
A group of places with at least one thing in common form a Region
Landforms, climate, and vegetation are Physical characteristics of places
The geographic theme of movement usually refers to People, goods, and ideas
The building of dams and canals to irrigate desert regions is an example of the geographic theme of Human-Environment Interaction
The customs, politics, and foods that make a place unique are called its Human Characteristics
The theme of place describes Characteristics
Irrigation systems, houses, and roads are examples of People change environment
Terracing increases agricultural productivity mainly by Extending the farming areas available to grow crops
Which of the following is an example of the movement of people, goods, and ideas between places Interstate trade
Which continent includes the city of Bejing and the country of India Asia
Which direction would you travel from the equator to reach South Africa South
Which of the following is not located in the eastern hemisphere Venzuela
Which of the following is not located in the northern hemisphere South Africa
Which physical feature is located within Europe and Asia Black Sea
Relative to the Balkan Peninsula, which direction best describes the location of the Sahara Desert North
Which of the following is not in Asia Geneva
In 1947, Pakistan and India seperated into nation-states based on which religions Islam and Hindusim
Which of the following is not a possible consequence of the contruction of a Dam Deforestation
A region can be defined as a group of places drained by a particular river; a group of places that have similar landform patterns; a group of places ruled by the same government
Increased world populations have led to an increase in Toxic Waste
Many scientists believe that the greenhouse effect is the result of Using large amounts of gasoline, oil, and coal in developed nations.
The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased in recent years. Enviromentalists suggest this change is a direct result of the Overcutting of forests and the increased use of fossil fuels
A negative impact of the use of modern technology is that Levels of air and water pollution often increase.
Which is not a way to save money Take a vacation
President Roosevelt's New Deal was a turning point in our history because it Expanded the government's economic role
The government attempts to give citizens economic security through Public assistance programs
Banks only keep some deposits on hand, so they can use the rest to help the economy grow.
Which of the following is not a major service banks provide donations to charity.
Fractional reserve banking puts the money received from depositors to useful service in the economy because it is loaned to individuals and businesses.
When a person has no choice but to pay a tax, it is called a(n) direct tax
Taxes pay for Government services
The federal government can try to promote economic growth by putting more money in people's pockets.
Private individuals own the means of production in a Market Economy
Who makes the economic decisions in a Command Economy Government
In a Market Economy, how is it determined who receives goods and services according to one's contribution to production
In a perfect Command Economy(Communism), who receives goods and services everybody gets the same
A criticism of a Market Economy is that there can be a distribution of wealth gap between the rich and the poor True
The United States' economy would be described as a Mixed Economy
If the government spends more money than it has, then that would create a budget deficit
The Federal Government gets most of its money through Income taxes
State Government's get most of their money through Sales taxes
If prices are too high (inflation), the Federal Reserve can try to bring prices down by Raising interest rates
To avoid a slowdown in economic activity (recession), the Federal Reserve can respond by Lowering interest rates
By raising interest rates, the Federal Reserve is trying to Discourage loans
By lowering interest rates, the Federal Reserve is trying to Encourage loans
Personal income taxes are an example of a(n) Progressive tax
A sales tax is considered a Regressive tax
The idea that cutting taxes will help boost the economy is part of a larger economic theory called Supply-side economics
People buy this type of insurance to protect their families from loss of income should the insured person die Life
People buy this type of insurance to protect houses, cars and other things they own. It pays to rebuild a house after a fire or replace a car after an accident. Property
People buy this type of insurance to pay for all or part of the cost of docters, hospitals, and medicines. Health
Many people carry this type of insurance that protects a person from the cost of damage or injury to others Liability
These were put in place to control and regulate monopolies Anti-trust laws
This agency was created to see that foods, cosmetics, and drugs are safe and labeled correctly. OSHA
This government agency makes safety rules for products such as toys, tools, children's clothes, and household appliances. CPSC
This government agency controls pollution by making rules about what and how much can be dumped into our air, water and soil. EPA
This was established in Roosevelt's New Deal, which provided a monthly payment to workers or their families to replace the income lost when a person retires, becomes injured, or dies. Social Security
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