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ROOT WORDS: seb sebaceous glands
cutane, dermat, derm skin
hidr sweat glands
pil hair
oste, oss, ost bones
chond cartilage
arthr joints
ligament ligaments
myel bone marrow
fasci fascia
my muscles
ten,tend, tendin tendon
encephal brain
acoust, ot ears
ocul, opthalm eyes
neur nerves
myel spinal cord
arteri arteries
hem, hemat blood
card, cardi heart
phleb, ven veins
capill capillaries
lymph lymph
splen spleen
thym thymus
tonsill tonsils
laryng larynx
pneum, pneumon lungs
nas nose
pharyng pharynx
trache trachea
sinus sinuses
esophag esophagus
col large intestine
hepat liver
or mouth
pancreat pancreas
enter intestine
gastr stomach
nephr, ren nerves
ureter ureters
urethr urethra
cyst, vesic urinary bladder
adren adrenals
gonad gonads
pancreat pancreas
parathyroid parathyroids
pineal pineal
pituit pituitary
thym thymus
thyroid thyroid
orch, orchid, test, testicul testicles
oophor, ovari ovaries
hyster, metr, metri, uter uterus
SUFFIXES: al pertaining to
ase enzyme
blast budding
centesis surgical punture
cidal causing death
clast broken
crit seperate
cyte cell
ectomy excision or surgical removal
emia blood condition
emesis vomiting
gen , genesis, genic producing
gila glue
gram something written
ia condition of, diseased or abnormal state
iac, ic, ior pertaining to
ism state of
itia, itis inflammation
logy study of
lyte dissolvable
lytic destroy, reduce
mania madness or insane desire
megaly enlargement
meter intrument used to measure
odia smell
ologist one who studies or practices
oma tumor or swelling
opia vision
opsy to view
orrhea flow , excessive discharge
orrhexis rupture
osis abnormal increase in production
ostomy creation of an artificial opening
otomy cut into or incision
oxia oxygen
pathy disease
sclerosis hardening
scopy visual examination
sepsis influencing
spasm sudden involuntary muscle contraction
stasis control or stop
tomy cutting
tropic infection
PREFIXES: a , an without or absence of
ab from or away
ad to or towards
ana up
ante before
anti against
append to hang something
bi , bin two
brady slow
contra against
di two
dis to undo, free form
ecto, exo, extra outside
endo within
epi upon
erythr red
glyc sweet
hyper over
hypo under
im not
infra beneath, below
inter between
intra inside
iso equal
macro large
mal bed
meso middle
meta after
micro small
mono one
multi many
mut change
neo new
para beside
patho disease
peri surrounding
poly many
post after
pre before
pseudo false
re back , again
retro backward or behind
semi half
sub under or below
super over or above
syn together or joined
tachy fast
tetra four
trans through, across, beyond
tri three
ultra beyond, excess
uni one
ABBREVIATIONS: AA alcoholics anonymous
a.c. before meals
Ad, a.d right ear
ad lib freely, as often as desired
am, AM morning
AS, a.s. left ear
AU, a.u. each ear
BE barium enema
BID, b.i.d, bid twice a day
BP blood pressure
BR bedrest
BRP bathroom privileges
BM bowel movement
Bx biopsy
c with
CA, Ca carcinoma , cancer
cap. capsule
disc, DC, d.c. discontinue
DNR do not resuscitate
Dx, dx diagnosis
ED emergency department
ER emergency room
Fx, fx fracture
g, gm gram
gt, gtt drop, drops
h hour
h.s. hour of sleep, bedtime
Ht, ht height
inj. injection
I and O , I/O intake and output
IV intravenous
K+, K potassium
mg milligram
N&V nausea and vomiting
Na, Na+ sodium
NC nasal cannula
NPO nothing by mouth
NPO p MN nothing by mouth past midnight
oint., ung ointment
OOB out of bed
OTC over the counter
oz. ounce
P pulse
p.c. after meals
pH power of hydrogen concentration
PM, p.m afternoon
PO, po, p.o. by mouth
PRN as needed
q.am. every morning
q.h. every hour
q.i.d 4 times a day
QNS quantity not sufficient
q.s. quantity sufficient
r, R rectal
Rx prescription
s without
SOB shortness of breath
ss one half
stat immediately
syr. syrup
susp. suspension
sup., supp. suppository
T temperature
tab. tablet
tbsp. tablespoon
TID, t.i.d. three times a day
TPR temperature, pulse, and respirations
tsp. teaspoon
Tx treatment
VS vital signs
W/C , w/c wheelchair
tbsp. tablespoon
TID, t.i.d. three times a day
TPR temperature, pulse, and respirations
tsp. teaspoon
Tx treatment
VS vital signs
W/C, w/c wheelchair
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