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Positive Traits

definitions and/or examples of positive personality traits or skills

adaptability the ability to change as needed to thrive and succeed
attention to detail making sure that even the smallest elements of a project are correct so that the whole project is of its highest quality
capability the necessary skills to complete the task
commitment the quality of being dedicated to a task or cause to see it to successful completion
compassion concern for the suffering and misfortunes of others
consistency the state of being the same throughout time as in an expected behavior or quality
creativity the use of imagination and original ideas, especially in the creation of an artistic work
dedication committed to a task or purpose
determination firmness in purpose; a dedication to completion of a task
diplomacy the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way
discipline the ability to follow rules or a code of behavior; control over one's own behavior to improve moral character
efficiency the ability to complete a task quickly and completely with the least waste of time and effort
energy strength and vitality
enthusiasm intense or eager enjoyment, interest, or approval
expression the process of making one's thoughts or feelings known
fairness impartial and unbiased treatment
flexibility the quality of bending without breaking
generosity the quality of being kind, unselfish, and giving
honesty truthfulness; the refusal to lie, cheat, or steal
imagination the ability of the mind to be creative and resourceful; the part of the mind that creates new ideas, images, and concepts
initiative the ability to initiate or start things independently; the ability to take care of a situation without having to be told to do so
innovation the action or process of finding new methods, new products, or new ideas
integrity the quality of being honorable and of having strong moral principles
intelligence the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new and challenging situations
knowledge facts, information, and skills acquired by someone through experience or education
logic sound reasoning; a reasonable way of thinking about things
organization the ability to arrange and plan to maximize order and efficiency
resourcefulness the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties; the ability to use the skills and resources around you to solve problems
responsibility the state of having a duty to deal with something that you are expected to do
sincerity meaning what you say; being genuine
time management the ability to effectively use time to be the most productive
trustworthiness the ability to be relied upon and trusted
Created by: MsHowell
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