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B-General Building 7

Extra Material

Though no code exists, generally you account for _______ amps of draw for each outlet 1.5
How many roofing squares will a roll of #30 lb felt cover? 2 roofing squares
How many roofing squares will a roll of #15 lb felt cover 4 roofing squares
How many bundles of 30-year asphalt shingles make up a roofing square? 3 bundles
Notice of completion must be filed within _________ after completion of work 15 days
The SBA guarantees up to _________ of a bank loan 90%
Must report newly hired employee within ________ days 20
Banks limit long term borrowing to _________ of capitalization 50%
How many inches of mortar is required for new tile? 2"
Which types of flooring are considered resilient flooring? Vinyl, Linoleum, Rubber
When can you set tile on top of vinyl flooring? if the vinyl is sealed, no padding under vinyl, and there is no asbestos
How many hours does carpet glue generally take to cure? 24-48 hours
How many square feet per pound does thin set mortar generally cover? 2 sq feet
Where would a manufacturer stamp tempered glass? bottom right corner
What is the minimum depth of underlayment panel on a floor 1/4"
How many hours does mortar take to fully cure? 20 hours
If a deck supporting post is 8 feet or higher it must be a _______ 6x6
In carpeting, what is a "gully" refer to? the space between the tack strip and the wall
What is the max that a "gully" should be? 3/8"
In HVAC, what does a "boot" refer to? The port where air enters a room
Created by: yobryan2009