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Midterm Review 2017

The first culture to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion were the _________________. egyptians
In 500 bc, barbering and hairstyling became highly developed arts in ___________________. Greece
The man credited with the introduction of shaving and barbering services to Rome in 296 bc is ________________. Ticinius Mena
In almost every early culture, an individual’s hairstyle indicated his or her _________________. status
During the Middle Ages, barbers practiced shaving, haircutting, and _____________________. medicine
___________________ participated in the practice of bloodletting, teeth pulling & surgery. barber-surgeons
The Latin word tondere means to ___________________. shear
The symbol of the barber-surgeon evolved from the technical procedure of ______________________. bloodletting
The symbol of the barber-surgeons and modern day barbers is the ____________________. barberpole
The members of employer organizations were ______________________. master barbers
America’s first barber school was located in ____________________. Chicago
The first state to pass a barber license law was _____________________. Minnesota
State barber boards are primarily interested in maintaining high standards of ______________________. compentecy
One key function of state barber boards is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the __________________. public
____________________ blocks the creative mind from exploring ideas and discovering solutions to challenges Criticism
A ____________________ establishes the purpose and values for which an individual or institution lives and works by. Mission Statement
An example of a ____________ goal is losing 5 lbs. short-term
An example of a ____________ goal is saving for a 4-yr degree. long-term
________________ means ordering tasks from most important to least important. prioritizing
Associating a common procedure with a rhyme is an example of _____________. mnemonics
_______________________ is a method that can be used to create a visual representation of thoughts, ideas, or class notes Mind Mapping
______________________ are the moral principles by which we live and work. Ethics
Having _________ means aligning your behavior and actions with your values. integrity
Using _________ means never breaching confidentiality by repeating personal information that clients have shared with you. discretion
________________________ is the ability to deliver truthful, even when critical or difficult, messages in a kind way. Diplomacy
If someone says you are__________________, then you are open-minded and willing to listen. receptive
An individual’s ________________ is the sum of their traits, attitudes, and characteristics personality
The impression you project through both your outward appearance and your conduct in the workplace is known as __________. professional image
_____________ is the practice that deals with daily personal care. Hygiene
_________ allows the body to recover from the day's activities. rest
Walking, dancing, and sports are all forms of ______________________. exercise
Improved blood ___________________ is a benefit of exercise. circulation
Good nutrition is one of the major factors necessary to preserve _____________. good health
The barber who practices correct posture will find that it helps to minimize ________________________. body fatigue
For a comfortable sitting posture, keep the soles of the feet on the __________________. floor
The interaction and relationships between two or more people is known as human _______________________. relations
One of the barber’s most important human relations skills is the ability to effectively _________________________. communicate
Three steps that can be used to ascertain a client’s service __________ are organize thoughts, clarify, and repeat. expectations
Listening skills, tone, speech, and conversation skills are aspects of effective ________________________. communication
Clients will have confidence in a barber that is poised and _____________. well-groomed
Social media etiquette suggests that you avoid the use of ______________. profane language
For a mechanically correct standing posture, keep your chin ____________ to the floor. parallel
To establish a ______________________ on social media, it is acceptable to post helpful content. professional image
___________________ is the science of designing the workplace as well as its equipment and tools to make specific body movements more comfortable, efficient, and safe. Ergonomics
Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are four types of potentially harmful _________________________. contaminants
The removal of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an item’s surface is known as ______________________. decontamination
Cleaning, disinfection, and ___________________ is the best method of prevention at this time. sterilization
__________________is the process that destroys all microbial life including spores. Sterilization
___________________involves the use of a chemical to destroy most, but necessarily all, harmful organisms on environmental surfaces. Disinfection
The _____________ registers all types of disinfectants sold, and used in the United States. EPA
Quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) solutions usually disinfect implements in _______________. 10 minutes
Antiseptics may be used on the _____________. skin
__________________are guidelines published by the CDC that require the employer and employee to assume that any human blood and body fluids are potentially infectious. Standard precautions
An ___________________ is contact with non-intact skin, blood, body fluid, or other potentially infectious materials. exposure incident
Products and equipment that do not have the word on the label are merely cleaners. disinfectant
State rules _______________ that all multi-use tools and implements be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. require
________________disinfectants are a form of formaldehyde, have a very high pH, and can damage the skin and eyes. Phenolic
Use disinfectants only on clean, hard surfaces. nonporous
If bleach _________________ is used to disinfect equipment, it is critical to use first to thoroughly clean the equipment and remove all debris. detergent
As applied to disinfectant claims,___________________ means the effectiveness with which a disinfecting solution kills organisms when used according to the label instructions. efficacy
If a product label has the word _____________ on it, the product must be diluted and cannot be used directly from the original container. concentrate
It is acceptable to use disinfectants on _________________. tools
A(n)_____________is a reaction due to extreme sensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, or other normally harmless substance. allergy
_______________chemistry is the study of substances that do not contain carbon but may contain hydrogen. Inorganic
_______________is/are anything that occupies space, has mass, and has physical and chemical properties. matter
_________________ are the basic building blocks of all matter. Atoms
As steam, _______________ is in a gas like state. water
In which state does matter have volume but no definite shape? liquid
In the chemical reaction called _____________, an element or compound combines with oxygen to produce an. oxide oxidation
Oxidation and reduction are referred to as a _______________ reaction. redox
A substance from which oxygen has been chemically removed is a _______________ substance. reduced
When hydrogen peroxide is mixed with an oxidation hair color product, the hair color product gains ____. oxygen
Chemical reactions that release ____________ are called exothermic. heat
An example of a _____________ is aluminum foil. pure substance
A ___________________ is a combination of two or more substances united physically in any proportions without a fixed composition. physical mixture
An example of a physical mixture is _______________. concrete
Dissolving a solid, liquid, or gas substance in another substance produces a _________________. solution
The mixtures called ________________ are not usually transparent. suspensions
An example of an emulsion is___________________. mayonnaise
Hard water may be softened by ________________ , water-softening units, or by adding sodium carbonate. distillation
An atom or molecule that has an electrical charge is called an ________________. ion
Pure water has a(n)_____________ pH. neutral
The ______________ of a substance measures its acidity and alkalinity. PH
When acids and alkalis are mixed together, in equal __________________ , they neutralize each other. porportions
________________ are usually water-based emulsions. cleansing lotions
________________ remove superfluous hair by dissolving it at the skin line. Depilatories
The ingredient in moisturizing creams that create a barrier that allows the natural water and oils of the skin to accumulate in the tissues is called a _________________. humectant
________________ are a special type of oil that does not cause comedones. Silicones
The flow of electricity along a conductor is known as a(n) ______________. electric current
Rubber or silk may serve as an _______________________. insulator
A metal, such as copper wire, serves as a _______________________. conductor
An adjustable resistor that is used for controlling the current in a circuit is called a _______________________. rheostat
A ______________ current is a constant, even-flowing current that travels in one direction. direct
A ________________ is an apparatus that changes direct current to alternating current. converter
Electric clippers and hair dryers are examples of barbering tools that use _______________ current alternating
The unit of electrical pressure, which pushes the flow of electrons through a conductor, is the___________. volt
The ampere is the unit for measuring the______________ or rate of an electric current. strength
The ohm is the unit of electrical _______________. resistance
The current used in facial and scalp treatments is measured in ________________. milliampere
A _____________ is a safety device that prevents excessive current from passing through a circuit. fuse
All electrical appliances used in the barbershop should be _____________. UL- certified
The different types of currents used in facial and scalp treatments are called _____________. modalities
A ________________ is an applicator that directs electric current from the machine to the client’s skin. electrode
The ______________ high-frequency current commonly used in the barbershop is current. Tesla
Treatment by means of light rays is called ________________________. phototherapy
Visible light makes up about _______________ percent of natural sunlight. 35
The light that produces germicidal and chemical benefits is __________ light. white
The light that produces heat and creates a stimulating effect is _____________ light. red
Ultraviolet rays produce ________________ effects. germicidal
The ________________ style of haircutting shears has a finger rest. French
To keep rubber combs in good condition, avoid extended contact with_________________. disinfectants
Even ___________ with the finest cutting edges can be poor cutting tools if they are not set correctly. shears
When holding haircutting shears properly, the barber places the thumb in the thumb grip of the _______________. ______________________ moving blade
Electric clippers are driven by rotary, magnetic, or ___________ motors. pivot
Clipper blades are usually made of high quality _______________. carbon steel
Clipper guards are also known as ___________________ combs. attachment
The main consideration in the purchase of a straight razor is the ______. quality
The grind of a razor refers to the shape of the ____________. blade
The ____________ of a razor is measured by the blade’s length and width. size
The temper of a razor indicates its degree of _______________. hardness
The width of a razor is measured either in eighths or ____________ of an inch. sixteenths
Honing and stropping are necessary for such implements as _________ straight razor. conventional
A hone is made of _________________ materials. abrasive
The purpose of a hone is to ________________ the razor's edge. grind
The position of the hone when being used should be perfectly ____________. flat
Additional finishing on a leather strop is required when the razor edge is ___________________. coarse
The direction of the ____________ stroke when stropping is the reverse of that used when honing. razor
The least acceptable method of removing loose hair after a haircut is the ________________. neck duster
The appliance that is used to introduce water-soluble products into the skin is the ________________ machine. galvanic
An implement used to press out blackheads is a(n)__________ extractor. comedone
A basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology assists barbers in analyzing and performing ___________________. professional services
The study of an organism’s shape and structure, and the relationship of one body part to another, is known as _______________. anatomy
The study of the functions and activities performed by the body’s structures is known as ___________________. physiology
The basic units of the structure and function of all living things are _______________. cells
Watery fluid for cellular growth and self-repair are found in the ___________________. cytoplasm
Cells of the human body reproduce through ______________. mitosis
Toxins (poisons), disease, and injury are considered ________________ conditions for cell growth and reproduction. unfavorable
A collection of cells that perform a particular function is known as a _______________. tissues
Groups of organs that act together to perform one or more functions are called _________________.` systems
The heart is an example of a __________________. organ
The skull consists of eight cranial bones and ______________ facial bones. fourteen (14)
The occipital bone forms the back and base of the _________________. cranium
The parietal bones form the top and sides of the ______________. cranium
Activities of the muscular system are dependent on the skeletal system and the _______________ system. nervous
The main components of the nervous system are the central nervous system and the ________________ nervous system. peripheral
______________ nerves carry impulses from the brain to the muscles or glands. Motor
The circulatory system comprises the heart, arteries, veins, and ________________. capillaries
The _____________ system is a group of glands that affect the health of the entire body. endocrine
Glands that release hormones directly into the bloodstream are called __________________ glands. endocrine
Blood removes ____________ and waste from cells. carbon dioxide
The skin and its accessory organs make up the _______________ system. integumentary
Acne, loss of scalp hair, facial hair growth and color, and darker skin pigmentations are the results of changing ________________. hormones
Blood returns to the heart from the head, face, and neck via the ___________________ veins. jugular
A clear, watery fluid derived from blood plasma that assists the immune system is _______________. lymph
Created by: BSPittsburgh
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