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health 1

vocab for health

What is health? The combination of your physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being Ex. I have a clear and peaceful state of mind, which is good mental health
what is wellness? An overall state of well-being or total health. Ex. Going to get annual check-ups is a good way to check on your overall health and well-being.
What is the definition and example of lifestyle factors? Personal behaviors and habits related to the way a person lives that helps determines his or her level of health. Ex. A healthy environment with healthy relationships and interactions with other people.
What is prevention? Practicing healthy habits to keep a person well and free from other aliments. ex. exercising and eating healthy
What is Health continuum? Deciding on good decisions that will only increase your well-being or making bad decisions that will decrease well-being.
what is heredity? traits that a child gains from their parent. Ex. Brown eyes
explain environment? A healthy surrounding of people, friends etc. PLaces like your home or school.. Ex. The neighborhood you grew up in.
What is culture? Beliefs or interest and traditions followed by a specific groups of people. Ex. Dia de los muertos is a holiday in mexican culture.
What are risk factors? Decisions that can negatively affect you or someone else's life? Ex. going to party with drugs and alcohol.
what are accumulation risks? A bad decision that can over time potentially get worse. Ex. smoking cigerettes
Created by: jjiara