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Religion: Quiz #5

Study Guide. "Penelope is not an apostle, haha" © LG 09/28/05

Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5-7) The Sermon on the Mount begins by Jesus going up the mountain, where he taught the Beatitudes. This is symbolic to the fact that Moses went up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. Jesus taught to sinners, children, women, tax collectors &
Sermon on the Mount (continued) those who were suffering or ill. Jesus, the new Moses, taught as if he was a rabbi to those whom a rabbi may not have taught to back then about the New Law.
Beautitudes mean "perfect happiness"
Beautitude # 6 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Who is Jesus preaching to in Beautitude #6? The merciful pardo those who offend them. (by word, act, or omission)
What is the promise of Beautitude #6? They will obtain the same mercy and forgiveness from God
Christ/Society of Beautitude #6? Christ commands us to forgive and show mercy to those who offed us while society looks for vengeance and retribution.
Beautitude #7 Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God
Who is referred to in Beautitude #7? The pure of heart keep their mind and will focused on the love of God- they see God in everything. Typically, they avoid any situation that may lead them to sin and are modest in dress and speech [Sister Catherine is a bad example; Sister Timothea is :)]
Promise in Beautitude #7? Christ promises them the Beatific Vision- to see God face to face in eternal life. In addition, those who are pure of heart will have a clearer faith in this life.
Christ/Society in #7 beatitude? Christ blesses the pure of heart while society scoffs at virtues of chastity and modesty
almsgiving it's giving of alms, haha
Hallowed holy
apostle to send forth
Our Father is used for praise, petition, and penance (Mr. G loves the 3 P's)
an antithesis murder and anger; a behavior that Jesus is calling his followers to avoid. don't do it. no sin.
an antithesis love of enemies. can happen. do it. don't hate, don't discriminate. love from God.
an anitithesis adultery + lust. don't adulterize. lust is good in marriage, with love. (i know i hate this as much as you do). reward from god, uhhh.. a great marriage?
an antithesis divorce. bad, bad, make the marriage work. ;)
difference/comparision between Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments the ten commandments focus on what is the good (what is God's will) and the Beatitudes focus on our natural desire to attain true happiness
golden rule "Treat others how you'd want to be treated" hahaha
10 commandments focus on waht is true Good
beatitudes focus on our desire for happiness
Why are the beatitudes practical? express our desires as followers of Christ and the promises of Christ
Created by: villanova