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8th Gr Midterm

Study for your midterm

What does a graduated cylinder measure? Liquid volume
What does a triple beam balance measure? Mass
All matter is made of .........? atoms
Physical changes are changes in .....? Size, shape and state
All phase changes are __________ changes. Physical
Name 7 phase changes. Freezing, melting, boiling, evaporation, condensation, deposition, sublimation. ALL ARE PHYSICAL CHANGES!
How do we know if a chemical change has taken place? A NEW SUBSTANCE IS FORMED!
What are some pieces of evidence that would indicate that a chemical change has taken place? Creation of a gas, change in smell, formation of a precipitate
Name the 3 forms of heat transfer. Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
Which form of heat transfer works best in solids? Conduction
Which form of heat transfer happens in FLUIDS? (liquids and gases) Convection
Which form of heat transfer happens because of differences in density? (hot things rise, cold things sink) Convection
Which form of heat transfer works only if substances are TOUCHING? Conduction
How does most of the energy from the sun reach the earth? Radiation
What happens to temperature during a phase change? It stays the same!
What does the phase change graph look like during a phase change? It shows a plateau. (A straight horizontal line)
Which phase of matter has the slowest moving and most densely packed particles? SOLIDS
Which state of matter has the fastest moving and most widely spaced particles? GASES (and plasma)
How do we calculate the net force if we have 2 forces acting in opposite directions? Subtract them
How do we calculate the net force if we have 2 forces acting in the same direction? Add them
Name Newton's First Law. Inertia. (Objects in motion will stay in motion and objects at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force.)
What is Newton's Second Law? Force = mass x acceleration
What is Newton's Third Law? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
What is friction? Friction is the force opposing motion between 2 surfaces that are touching.
Will adding sandpaper to a surface increase or decrease the friction provided by the surface? Increase!
Where will an object have the most kinetic energy? Wherever it is moving the FASTEST!
What is the best way to separate iron filings and sand? With a magnet!
What is meant by the term nonrenewable energy source? It means that when it is gone....it is gone. Example: Fossil fuels ( coal , oil, and natural gas)
Name some renewable energy sources. Wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric
Name an advantage and a disadvantage to using wind energy. Advantage- Renewable and nonpolluting Disadvantage- Noisy, interferes with radio and TV signals
Name an advantage and a disadvantage to using solar energy. Advantage-Renewable and nonpolluting Disadvantage- high start up cost, not always sunny
What is the ORIGINAL source of all energy on earth regardless of what kind we are referring to? THE SUN!!! THE SUN!!! THE SUN!!!
What is a solution? When you have one substance dissolved into another
What are 3 ways to make the solute dissolve faster in the solvent? Heat the solvent, Crush the solute, or stir
How can we remove salt from a salt water solution? Boil the water until it is all changed to water vapor. The salt will remain
Substances of various densities are placed in a beaker. Can we predict which will be on the bottom? On the top? The most dense substance will be on the bottom and the least dense will be on the top.
When we STATE THE RELATIONSHIP between two things, do we include numbers in our answer? NO WE DO NOT!
State the relationship between the amount of time practicing math and your grade in math. As the number of hours that I practice math INCREASES, my math grade INCREASES also. See......no numbers!
Created by: cwalczak