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Geog 334


Outside Influences of SE Asia Asian: Indian & ChineseEuropean: British, French, Dutch, and spanish
Mainland/Peninsular SE Asia built on a chain of ____ & ____ _____ extending from the Asian Mainland Mountains, River Basins
Most settlements are in The River Basins and plains of the mainland
What river runs along the East in Vietnam and Laos Annamese Cordillera
Where do mountain ranges run along The WEst from Burma and Thailand down the Malay Peninsula
Major Rivers Red River of VietnamMekong River of Vietnam, Laos and CambodiaChao Phraya of ThailandIrrawaddy of Burma
Physical Geography of Insular SE Asia an archipelagois island chains of Indonesia and philippines, mountainous, earthquake prone and volcanic area of the world. Islands created by plate tectonics. Soils are rich due to Volcanic activity
Shatterbelt REgion between 2 stronger cultural-political forces under stress and often fragmented
Buffer Zone Set of countries separating ideological or political rials (SE Asia is between Indian and China)
Mainland Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma
Rimland Malysia, Indonesia, Philippines
3 favorable natural elements 1. Rivers and Valleys2. Volcanic Mountain areas3. Western Coast of Maly Penisnula
European Colonialism 1. French in Inochina (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam)2. The Netherlands --Holland(Dutch East Indies is not Indonesia)3. Britsih--Burma and Malysia4. Spanish --Philippines to 1985. US--Philipines 1898 to 1946
Religion of Vietnam Buddhism and Roman Catholicism
Physical Geography of Vietnam Elongated and thin country1. North: Mountainous2. Middle: thin coastal plain3. South: Central highland plateaus heavily forested
Historical Geography of Vietnam 1. French period 1883-1954 (Jpan occupied from 1942-45)Geneva settlement divided Vietnam into North and south 2. Civil War 1954-1975 (US involved)3. North and South Vietnam (N. comunist and S. non-communist, N won in 1975
Economic Geography of Vietnam Largest exporter of rice, could make electronic goods and clothing
Compact State Enclose a maximum amount of territory within a minimum boundary
Climate of Cambodia tropical monsoonWet monsoon from May to NovDry monsson from Dec to Apr
Where was Lara Croft Tomb Raider filmed Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Physical Geography Cambodia Mostly palins and flat plateausMekong River forms economic cour of country in central plain
Ethnic groups in Laos 1. Lowland groups (Lao)2. Highland Groups 3. Upland Groups (Hmong)
Climate of Laos Tropical Monsoon with rainy season from May to Oct and dry season from Nov to April
Physical Geography of Laos Mountainous and covered with tropical rain forests
2 regions of Laos 1.Mekong Valley: Ag based on Rice production 2. Mountains and Hills: subsistence ag and opium production
Recent political geography Led by a king from 1954 to 1970 was then overthrown by Lon Nol in 1970, Khmer Rughe came to power in 1975 led by Pol Pot (The Killing Fields)Vietnam invaded during the lat 70'sElection in 1998 created a coalition govt between Hun Sen and Royalist Party
Prorupt Country core of country is compact with a long peninsular extension
Climate of Thailand tropical hot with wet monsoon may-oct and dry monsoon Nov-march
Physical Geography of Thailand The heart of Thailand is the lowland plain of the Chao Phraya RiverAlluvial Flatland-alluvial soils rich ag areaKhorat Plateau-soils not as fertile, it is a dry areaN and NW is mountainous and forested
4 noble truths of Buddhism 1.Life is full of suffering2.Desire is the cause of suffering3.Ending of suffering comes with stopping desire4.An eight fold plan of proper personal conduct and meditation permits the individual to overcome desire
3 main branches of Buddhism 1.Mahayana: over half of all Buddhists 2.Theravadists: about 40 percent3.Tantrayanists:less than 10 percent
Barriers to Diffusion in the US 1. Language:Not from a English speaking world2.Ethnicity and reace: associated with Asian people and cultures so are perceived as more foreign to Americans3.Migration and settlement4.Religous
Physical Geography of Burma Alluvial soils in South Central Valley Center Mountainous in West East and North
Burma is governed by... military generals
Fragmented country Country with a lot of island states
Core area of Malaysia Western half of Malay Peninsula
Core area of Indonesia Java (Jawa)
Three broad Regions of Oceania Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia
Melanesia includes: PNG, West Irian, Solomon Islands, Vanuau, New Caledonia, and Fiji
Micronesia includes: Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Nauru, western Kiribati, Guam (US)
Most islands of micronesia have a political union with___ US
High-Islands Based on a volcano and enjoy substantial precipitation and volcanic ash soil
Low Islands Based on coral and suffer from drought
Polynesia includes: Hawaiian Islnads, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Tuvala, Tonga, eastern Kiribati, Cook Island (NZ), French Polynesia, Wake Island (US), Midway Islands (US)
Generalized Climate of Australia Northern areas Tropical A Northeast Cfa climate Southeast Cfb Southwest Cs Interior and West BS and BW climates
Most populations of Australia live where urban crescent along East coast, southest coast, and southwestern coasts
outback refers to where Interior
Climate of New Zealand Cfb sort of like Northern Californa, Pacific NW coast climate
Main urban areas of New Zealand Auckland and Wellington on North Island Christchurch on South Island
Maori are: Polynesian peoples who settled New Zealand beginning in the 800's
Core area of Burma Irrawaddy Delta and Rangoon
Who is in the golden Triangle Loas, Thailand, Burma
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