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FastTrack Lesson 21-25

spate sledge
shell cheer
spell slam
snore whir
spine slope
plum scope
speak slog
while spake
spite slid
crass glaze
spare slot
drought cross
speck sleek
slum wren
spore slime
chat drill
space sleeve
quick thus
spot slub
Dwight small
spike slat
frail twig
sped slain
flood proud
spoor sleeze
scott bright
spar slop
swipe smooth
spill bleed
broad smash
Spain shall
smile smoke
spit tripe
stalk smote
speech chide
tread smug
spun dwell
prose smack
spud wraith
wrap smell
spout stain
green smack
speed scour
flight smile
spade crop
sphere smash
span froth
cloth smite
spire than
twine smog
spat dread
blade smidge
spoke slut
glove smock
spurt tweak
shale smut
scab prom
chute smell
quack grip
shove smite
pluck Whig
shill smoke
drove spice
shot smooch
flip swish
shag smear
smock clog
ship smith
thud fled
shush smut
choke praise
shuck smug
brought svelte
sham smith
glum sneeze
shod smudge
svelte quite
shame smooth
Swiss plop
chef small
crime glade
shown smile
wreck snob
shop writ
dwell snack
shin spool
steep snare
shook swash
snail snide
shirr crouch
twice snore
shed Dwight
prime sneak
shack prick
bleat snoot
shore stair
fraud snail
shave smote
slack sniff
shine twit
troop snipe
shock blotch
clone snuff
shoot glad
white snatch
shim wheeze
grape snag
shout sphere
spoof snack
shade train
sled snood
swill cloud
slug snout
shut gross
sleep snag
frill plate
sludge snooze
class spook
slick snap
whack skull
slap sneeze
snob quit
slag snitch
style drown
slide snug
grass fraught
slate snoop
quail Braille
slake snake
plaque slosh
sleet sneer
bloom then
slave snip
trout chess
slob snub
sphere flag
slip sneeze
Created by: Jim in Hayward
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