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Module 8

What is an updraft? Current of rising air
What is an insulator? A substance that doesn't conduct electricity well
What is the dew point? Temperature of which dew forms
What are the stages of a thunderstorm? Cumulous stage, Mature stage, Dissapation stage
Can sheet lightning strike a person? No because the lighting is cloud to cloud.
What are the 5 stages of a tornado? Whirl stage, organizing stage, mature stage, shrinking stage, decaying stage
What is the most destructive stage of a tornado? Mature
What are the conditions of the eye of the hurricane? Calm, sunny, mild winds
What happens first in a lightning bolt? Charge imbalance in a cloud causes charge to build on ground
How does lightning cause thunder? When lightning bolt travels cloud to ground it opens air, when the air closes it makes the sound
Same cloud, mtn causes rain & snow in a nearby valley. Bergeron effect or Collision-Coalescence? Bergeron effect
In the tornado organization stage, has it touched ground yet? Yes
What's the difference between a tropical disturbance and a tropical storm? Tropical storm is when there are higher wind speeds than a tropical disturbance.
What's the difference between sleet, hail and freezing rain? Freezing rain is liquid form till hits solid. Hail starts as rain and then goes back to cloud. Sleet smaller than hail.
Created by: csyd