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Mrs. B.'s Ch. 15

Speech Ch. 15

One or several senders using printed or electronic media to communicate with a large number of people who are not necessarily present. Mass communication
Technological channels of communication, such as radio and television Electronic media
A magnetic tape on which the electronic impulses of the picture and sound protions of a television program can be recorded for later viewing or rebroadcast. Videotape
Television broadcasting fiananced by companies who buy air time to advertise their products. Commercial television
Television that is broadcast on stations set aside for instructional and culturally enriching programs. Educational television
Television broadcasting financed mainly by company grants and donations by viewers. Public television
A television system that allows people to improve reception and increase the number of channels through reception from a cable service for a fee. Cable TV
Closed-circuit television broadcasts that people pay an admission fee to see in a theater, or television broadcasts received in homes with special equipment that is paid for by viewers on a per-program or a monthly fee basis. Pay TV
An in depth report on one important subject. Documentary
An overall plan for a television broadcast. Program concept
A publication or television program that presents informative coverage of several important subjects in some depth. News magazines
Name three purposes of radio and television. To entertain, to inform and for profit.
Name five types of television service available today. Commercial, educational, public, cable and pay television.
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