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Basic Film Terms

Animation the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence
Close-up a photograph, movie, or video taken at close range and showing the subject on a large scale
Dissolve a gradual transition from one image to another
Film Editing the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence
Fade-in/Fade-out an image is made to appear/disappear gradually or the volume of sound is gradually increased from zero.
Filming Frame one of the many still images which compose the complete moving picture
Long Shot a view of a scene that is shot from a considerable distance, so that people appear as indistinct shapes
Medium Shot a camera angle shot from a medium distance
Panning a camera movement technique that involves moving the camera horizontally to the right or left
Zoom change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa
Script Writing the art and craft of writing scripts for mass media such as feature films, television productions or video games
Storyboard a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, representing the shots planned for a movie or television production
Rule of Thirds aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section
Wide-Angle-Shot refers to a lens whose focal length is substantially smaller than the focal length of a normal lens for a given film plane
Widescreen a film format presenting a wide field of vision in relation to height
Tripod a three-legged stand for supporting a camera or other apparatus
Pan Handle a tripod head permitting vertical or horizontal rotation of a camera to any position
Lens a clear curved piece of glass or plastic that is used in eyeglasses, cameras, telescopes, etc., to make things look clearer, smaller, or bigger
Viewfinder a device on a camera showing the field of view of the lens, used in framing and focusing the picture
Lavalier Microphone a small microphone used for television, theatre, and public speaking applications in order to allow for hands-free operation
Boom Microphone a pole carrying an overhead microphone projected over a film or tv set
iMovie a video editing software application sold by Apple Inc. for the Mac and iOS
Final Cut Pro a professional non-linear editing software application developed by Apple Inc
Crop cut the edges in order to produce a fit in a given space
Title the name of a book, composition, or other artistic work
Credits publicly acknowledge someone as a participant in the production of (something published or broadcast)
Digital Effects Synthetic sounds and animations created in the digital domain. Reverberation, morphing and transitions between video frames are examples
Footage a length of film made for movies or television
A-roll the primary footage of video being used on the multimedia video
B-roll the secondary footage and is not as important but still can be used
Rough Cut the first version of a movie after preliminary editing
Narration a commentary delivered to accompany a movie, broadcast, etc.
Voiceover a piece of narration in a movie or broadcast, not accompanied by an image of the speaker
Audio Tracks an audio signal communications channel in a storage device, used in operations such as multi-track recording and sound reinforcement
Digital Noise Image noise is random (not present in the object imaged) variation of brightness or color information in images, and is usually an aspect of electronic noise
Background Noise extraneous sound which can be heard while listening to or monitoring other sounds
White Balance the color balance on a digital camera
Digital Camera a camera that records and stores digital images
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