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Italian Test

Capital of Touscana Florence (Firenze)
Capital of Marche Anocona
Capital of Molise Campobasso
Capital of Trentino Alto Adige Trento
Capital of Abruzzo L'Aquila
Capital of Veneto Venice
Capital of Campania Napoli (Naples)
Capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia Trieste
Capital of D'Aosta Aosta
Capital of Basilicata Potenza
Capital of Sardegna Cagliari
Capital of Lombardia Milan (Milano)
Capital of Lazio Rome (Roma)
Capital of Piemonte Turin (Torino)
Capital of Puglia Bari
Capital of Calabria Catanzaro
Capital of Umbria Perugia
Capital of Sicilia Palermo
Capital of Emilia Romagna Bologna
Capital of Liguria Genoa (Genova)
City on the eastern shore of Sicilia Syracuse (Siracusa)
Popular beach resort on the Adriatic coast Rimini
Site of the Vatican Roma
Site of Greek and Roman ruins Siracusa
Industrial city overlooking a large bay Napoli
Center of glass making Venzia
Home of Cristoforo Colombo Genova
City of art Firenze
Center of automotive industry Torino
Center of fashion and banking Milano
Two mountain ranges Le Alpi and Gli Appennini
Two islands Sardagna and Sicilia
Two seaports Palermo and Genova
Four seas within the Mediterranean Mar Ionio, Mar Tirreno, Mar Adriatico, and Mar Ligure
Roman temple built in Greek style Pantheon
Ancient ruin in Roma Colosseum
Giotto's gift to Firenze Bell tower
Ancient road Appian Way
Vertical mountain range Appennini
Horizontal mountain range Alpi
Statue in Firenze David
Located in Venezia Grand Canal
Opera House La Scala
A nickname for Roma The Eternal City
Known for automobiles Torino
Known for clothing Milano
Known for airports Napoli
Known for bell tower Firenze
Known for colosseum Roma
What is Sardegna? an island
What is Italy geographically shaped like? a boot
What is Rimini? A beach resort
What is the Arno? a river
Where is the statue of David by Michelangelo located? Firenze
Where is the wall painting entitled The Last Supper located? Milano
Mount Etna is located where? Sicilia
What can Italy be best described as? mountainous
Southern Italy is generally... agricultural
On Sardegna, where is the city Cagliari located? south
What countries border Italy? Switzerland, France, Slovenia, and Austria
What mountain range in extends through north-central Italy? Alpi
What river flows from north Italy through Roma? Tiber
What sea does the Tiber River empty into? Tirreno Sea
The city of Venezia is located on one large what? Island city
What city lies at the foothills of the Appenini Mountain Range? Genova
What sea is Napoli overlooking? Tirreno
The Adriatic Coast has two large cities of great contrast which are? Rimini and Brindisi
What does Treni mean? trains
What city is the capital of Italy? Roma
Where is Roma located? the center
What is the Italian name for Milan? Milano
What is the Italian name for Venice? Venezia
What is the Italian name for Florence? Firenze
What is the Italian name for Naples? Napoli
What sea is by Genova? Mar Liguri
What sea is by Rome? Mar Tirreno
What sea is between Reggio Calabria and Lecce? Mar Ionio
What sea is between Trieste and Bari? Mar Adriatico
Created by: LaxyLucy7