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xray tech flash

Biologic material irradiated under hypoxic conditions is less sensitive than when irradiated under oxygenated conditions
The presence of ionizing radiation may be detected in which of the following ways? Ionizing effect on air Photographic effect on film emulsion Fluorescent effect on certain crystals
Using fixed milliampere-seconds and variable kilovoltage technical factors, each centimeter increase in patient thickness requires what adjustment in kilovoltage? Increase 2 kV
Causes of grid cutoff, when using focused reciprocating grids, include the following? Inadequate SID
An unexposed and processed film will have a density of about 0.1
A drug's chemical name is called its generic name
Filtration is added to the x-ray beam to produce an x-ray beam with higher average energy
The source-to-table distance in fixed/stationary fluoroscopy must be at least 15 in.
Guidelines for the use of protective shielding state that gonadal shielding should be used if the patient has reasonable reproductive potential; when the gonads are within 5 cm of the collimated field
What is the approximate ESE for the average AP lumbar spine radiograph? 350 mrad
Replacing 200-speed intensifying screens with 400-speed screens will require the exposure to be cut in half. enable the radiographer to decrease the exposure time.
Electronic imaging terms used to indicate the intensity of radiation reaching the IR include exposure index. sensitivity (S) number
An automatic exposure control device can operate on which of the following principles? A photomultiplier tube charged by a fluorescent screen, A parallel-plate ionization chamber charged by x-ray photons
Which of the following is a measurement of dose to biologic tissue? Rem (Sv)
Which of the following personnel monitoring devices used in diagnostic radiography is considered to be the most sensitive and accurate? OSL dosimeter
The acceptable ESE for a PA chest is 12–26 mR is the acceptable range
According to the NCRP, the pregnant radiographer's gestational dose-equivalent limit for a 1-month period is 0.5 mSv
An optically stimulated luminescence dosimeter contains which of the following detectors? Aluminum oxide
TLDs use lithium fluoride crystals
ESE for the abdomen (radiation absorbed by the skin) 375–698 mR
thoracic spine ESE 290–485 mR
device converts electrical energy to mechanical energy? Motor
converts mechanical energy into electrical energy generator
Created by: MysticGemi5