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Gerunds for Italian Verbs from Rosetta Stone

abbracciando hugging
abitando living
allenando training
andando going
aiutando helping
arrivando arriving
ascoltando listening
aspettando waiting
assaggiando tasting
assomigliando resembling
avendo having
baciando kissing
bevendo drinking
camminando walking
capendo understanding
cenando dining
cercando looking fo
chiamando calling
chiedendo asking
comprando buying
correndo running
crescendo growing
dando giving
desiderando wishing/desiring
dicendo saying
dispiacendo displeasing
dovendo having to
essendo being
facendo doing
finendo finishing/ending
funziando functioning
guardando watching
importando mattering
incontrando meeting
iniziando starting/beginning
insegnando teaching
lanciando throwing/launching
lavando washing
mangiando eating
mettendo putting
nevicando snowing
nuotando swimming
odorando smelling
pagando paying
parlando speaking
partendo leaving/departing
perdendo losing
piacendo pleasing/liking
piangendo crying
portando bringing/carrying/wearing
potendo being able
pranzando lunching
praticando practicing
prendendo taking/catching/picking up
profumando smelling
pulendo cleaning
puzzando stinking
regalando gifting
ridendo laughing
salendo climbing
sapendo knowing
sorridendo smiling
stando staying
studiando studying
succedendo happening
svegliando awaking
tenendo holding/keeping
tornando returning
trovando finding
usando using
uscendo going out/getting out/coming out/coming
vedendo seeing
vendendo selling
venendo coming
vincendo winning
vivendo living
volendo wanting
Created by: dvecchio