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BIO CH1 definitions

Human Biology, Science, & Society

science the study of the natural world
biology the study of living things and life's processes
metabolism sum total of the chemical reactions occuring in body cells
cell the smallest structure that shows all the characteristics of life. is the fundamental structural and functional unit of all living organisms
homeostasis state of body equilibrium characterized by a relatively constant and stable internal environment
protista one of 5 kingdoms of life, comprising unicellular and relatively simple multi-cellular eukaryotes such as protozoa, algae, and slime molds.
photosynthesis process by which plants capture the energy in the sunlight and convert it into chemical energy for their own use.
hypothesis an explanation or description of a proposed truth. is expresses as a testable statement about the natural world.
experiment a procedure designed to teat a working hypothesis. in a controlled experiment, all conditions of the environment are controlled except the specific factor dictated by the working hypothesis
variables a factor that might vary during the course of an experiment
experimental group in a controlled experiment the group of subjects that receives the experiment treatment.
control group a group of subjects that undergoes all the steps in the experiment except the one being tested. the control group is used to evaluate all possible factors that might influence the experiment other than the experimental treatment
placebo a false treatment in a controlled experiment, given or performed to minimize the possibility of bias suggestion
theory a main hypothesis that has extensively tested over time and that explains a broad range of scientific facts with a high degree of reliability
skepticism a questioning attitude.
data numerical information that can be organized and interpreted.
technology the application of science
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