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exam 1 questions

Where is the ozone hole and why is it there? southern hemisphere over antarctica caused by CFCs over antartica because move there during summer and trapped there bhy polar vortex
WHat's a major greenhouse gas? carbo dioxide co2
Shape of the earth oblate ellipsoid
What is it called when more snow results in higher albedo effect, therefore less energy absorbed, resulting in cooler temp. and more snow? albedo feedback effect
Why is the September equinox warmer then march equinox in northern hemisphere? the latitude of subsolar point migrates throughout the year
What is the earth's tilt 23.5 degrees
where do all meridians on earth converge? at the poles
If 100 unitsof rad enter top of atmosphere 31 are reflected away from earth and 69 are absorbed, how many of the 69 absorbed are lost to space?
What did explorers use to find latitude? sextant to measure angle to horizon by north star
What did explorers use to find longitude? a clock
When does the north pole lean toward the sun marking the beginning of summer? June solstice
When does the north pole lean away from the sun marking the begginning of the winter? December solstice
at summer solstice the north pole recieves? 24 hour day
Term for the heat released when substance changes state? latent heat
What is the lag time between highest daily insolation and highest daily temperature for coastal vs. continental locations called?
higher elevations experience lower average temperatures during both the day and night
What causes the seasons? earth tilts on its axis and rotates making revolution around the sun
What are the 5 factors influencing air temperature? -insolation -latitude -surface type -coastal vs. interior -elevation
coastal location temp moderate more stable less seasonality
interior location temp more extreme fluctuation in temp
higher elevation= cooler temp
What are isotherms lines connecting points of equal temp.
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