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pharmacy tech fall

Who uses it and what is the black box warning used for problematic but still provides therapy for specific conditions. prescribers use it
explain each of the phases of clinical drug testing 1: drug administered to small group of healthy people 2: drug studied in patients with the legit condition 3: treatment is compared to commonly used treatments who have condition 4: once drug is approved for marketing 5: studies contintue testing to coll
explain each phase of pharmacokinetics (what happens and where it happens) A: absorption of drug D: distribution>organs>tissues M:metabolised>liver E:elimination>sweat>respiratio n>urination>defication
list 4 ways that viral infections are spread airborne, contaminated food, water, contact with bodily fluids and direct contact
list 2 classifications of drugs which can cause a patient to become immunocompromised antieaplastics, and corticosteroid
list 5 functions that are temporarily lost with the use of local anesthetics pain perception, temperature, sensation, touch sensation, proprioception
list 3 effects of narcotics analgesia, sedation, euphoria, dysphoria
explain why clozapine comes with a black box warning most serious side effect is a education I white blood cells for which it has a black box warning
list 4 steps in the road to recovery as an alcoholic acknowledge problem, don't hang out with drinkers, seek professional help, seek support from others
list 2 goals of seizure therapy to make seizures less severe & frequent prevent emotional & behavioral changes
identify the most commonly used OTC decongestant and explain the problem that is associated with this drug Sudafed is the most commonly used decongestant, problem is that is can be used to produce meth
explain how expectorants benefit patients expectorants are used to liquefy mucous associated with productive coughs, which turn allows the patient to cough up the mucous and climate it from body
explain how decongestants benefit patients decongestants shrink swollen mucous membranes promoting drainage of mucous and makes for easier breathing can be used to fight drowsiness
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