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science matter

all about matter in science

give 5 examples of liquids and gases liquids: energy drinks,water,juice,smoothies,milk gases: steam,helium,oxygen,nitrogen,hydrogen
what are the characteristics of a solid? a solid is anything that has volume and has a definite shape
what makes a liquid? a liquid has a definite volume and takes the shape of its container, or it flows in open space
what are the characteristics of a gas? a gas has no definite volume but takes up space and spreads to the shape of the container it is in or spreads freely
what is matter made of? matter is made up of tiny microscopic particles called atoms [or molecules]
what are the particles inside of a solid doing? the particles are held tightly together [almost like they are "glued" together] . The particles are still moving, but very slowly
what are the particles inside of a liquid doing? the particles are still close together but not as tight as solids. The particles are moving more quickly that they constantly slide past each other
what are the particles inside of a gas doing? the particles are spaced very far apart. The particles move very quickly and easily bounce off of any wall they travel to
what is a physical change? a physical change is a change of state only so, it can be reversed
what is a chemical change? a chemical change is a change where the materials break down completely, therefore it can't be reversed.
give 4 examples of a chemical and physical change physical: ice froming on a pond, souring milk, water boiling and vaporization of dry ice [from a solid to a gas] chemical: rust on a car, wood burning, an apple that turns brown after you bite into it and burning gasoline
say the scienctific method steps in order Question,Hypothesis,Procedure,Results and Conclusion
what is precipitation? when rain or snow come down to the ground. [could also be sleet,hail...etc]
what is runoff? [water cycle] when rain or snow [also sleet hail...etc] goes from rivers to the ocean
what is evaporation? when rain or snow [also sleet,hail...etc] becomes a gas [once in the ocean] without forming bubbles inside the liquid volume
what is condensation? when water vapor in the air is changed into liquid water
where can you find matter? matter is everywhere.You can find it anywhere.
Created by: MUSTPASS