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Bible Final

Genesis Theme Beginning
Genesis Jesus Promised Seed
Genesis Event The Call of Abraham
Exodus Theme Redemption
Exodus Jesus Passover Lamb
Exodus Event Ten Commandments
Leviticus Theme Holiness
Leviticus Jesus Atoning Sacrifice
Levitiucus Event Offerings/Feast
Numbers Theme Wandering
Numbers Jesus Star of Jacob
Numbers Event Kadesh Barnes
Deuteronomy Theme Second Law
Deuteronomy Jesus Coming Prophet
Joshua Theme Conquest
Joshua Jesus Commander of the Lord's Army
Judges Theme STruggle
Judges Jesus Ultimate Judge and Deliverer
Ruth Theme Ray of Hope
Ruth Jesus Kindsmen Reedemer
I Samuel Theme Time of Transition
I Samuel Jesus Lord Annointed
II Samuel Theme Unification
II Samuel Jesus Coming King of Israel
I Kings Theme Disruption
I Kings Jesus Lord of the Temple
II Kings Theme Dispersion
II Kings Jesus Voice of the Prophets
Esther Theme Preservation
Esther Jesus Protector of the Jews
Ezra Theme Restoration
Ezra Jesus Restorer of Jerusalem
Nehemiah Theme Reconstruction
Nehemiah Jesus Builder of the People
Abrahamic Covenant  The covenant between Jesus and Abraham that promises to make Abraham a great name, a great nation, and many descendants.  This covenant is: unilateral.
Mosaic Covenant  The covenant between Jesus and Moses that requires the obedience and action of Moses and the people of Israel to be set apart from other nations as God's chosen people and in return will receive blessings.  This covenant is: bilateral
Davidic Covenatn  The covenant between Jesus and David that promises that the tribes of David and Judah will be made into great kingdoms because God was faithful
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