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Help study cancer drugs for the PTCE

Generic NameBrand NameClassIndication
carmustine BiCNU, Glaidel Alkylating agent Cancer
chlorambucil Platinol Alkylating agent Cancer
cyclophosphamide Cytoxan, Neosar Alkylating agent Cancer
Estramustine Emcyt Alkylating agent Cancer
Ifosfamide Ifex Alkylating agent Cancer
mechlorethamine Mustargen Alkylating agent Cancer
melphalan Alkeran Alkylating agent Cancer
oxaliplatin Eloxatin Alkylating agent Cancer
streptozocin Zanosar Alkylating agent Cancer
temozolamide Temodar Alkylating agent Cancer
thiotepa Thioplex Alkylating agent Cancer
capecitabine Xeloda Antimetabolite Cancer
clofarabine Clolar Antimetabolite Cancer
cytarabine, ARA-C Cytarabine, Cytosar, DypoCyt Antimetabolite Cancer
floxuridine FUDR Antimetabolite Cancer
fludarabine Fludara Antimetabolite Cancer
5-fluorouracil Adrucil Antimetabolite Cancer
gemcitabine Gemzar Antimetabolite Cancer
hydroxyurea Hydrea Antimetabolite Cancer
mercaptopurine Purinethol Antimetabolite Cancer
methotrexate Rhumatrex, Folex Antimetabolite Cancer
pentostatin Nipent Antimetabolite Cancer
thioquanine Thioquanine Antimetabolite Cancer
aminoqlutethimide Cytadren Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
anastrozole Arimidex Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
bicalutamide Casodex Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
diethylstilbestrol Stilphostrol Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
exemestane Aromasin Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
fluoxymesterone Halotestin Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
flutamide Eulexin Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
fulvestrant Faslodex Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
goserelin Zoladex Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
leuprolide Lupron, Eligard, Viadur Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
letrozole Femara Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
medroxyprogesterone Depo-Provera Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
megestrol Megace Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
mitotane Lysodren Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
nilutamide Nilandron Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
polyestradiol Estradurin Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
tamoxifen Novaldex Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
testolactone Teslac Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
toremifene Fareston Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
triptorelin Trelstar Hormone Hormone dependent cancer
bleomycin Blenoxane Antibiotic Cancer related infections
dactinomycin Cosmegen Antibiotic Cancer related infections
daunorubicin Cerubidine, DaunoXome Antibiotic Cancer related infections
epirubicin Idamycin Antibiotic Cancer related infections
idarubicin Idamycin Antibiotics Cancer related infections
metomycin Mutamycin Antibiotics Cancer related infections
mitoxantrone Novantrone Antibiotics Cancer related infections
plicamycin Mithracin Antibiotics Cancer related infections
docetaxel Taxotere Mitotic inhibitor Cancer
paclitaxel Abraxane, Onxol, Taxol Mitotic inhibitor Cancer
teniposide Vumon Mitotic inhibitor Cancer
vinblastine Velban Mitotic inhibitor Cancer
vicristine Oncovin, Vicasar PFS Mitotic inhibitor Cancer
vinorelbine Navelbine Mitotic inhibitor Cancer
etoposide, VP-16 Vespid Topoisomerase inhibitor Cancer
irinotecan Camptosar Topoisomerase inhibitor Cancer
Topotecan Hycamtin Topoisomerase inhibitor Cancer
alemtuzumab Campath Monoclonal antibody Cancer
bevacizumab Avastin Monoclonal antibody Cancer
cetuzimab Erbitux Monoclonal antibody Cancer
erlotinib Tarceva Antineoplastic Cancer
gefitinib Iressa Antineoplastic Cancer
gemtuzamab Mylotarg Monoclonal antibody Cancer
ibritumomab tiuxetan Zevalin Monoclonal antibody Cancer
imatinib mesylate Gleevec Antinoplastics Cancer
rituximab Rituxan Monoclonal antibody Cancer
tositumomab Bexxar Monoclonal antibody Cancer
trastuzumab Herceptin Monoclonal antibody Cancer
chromic phosphate P 32 Phophocol Radiopharmaceuticals Cancer
sodium iodide 131 Idotope Radiopharmaceuticals Cancer
sodium phosphate P 32 Sodum Phosphate P 32 Radiopharmaceuticals Cancer
Strontium-89 chloride Metastron Radiopharmaceuticals Cancer
aldesleukin, interleukin-2 Proleukin Antineoplastic Cancer
altretamine Hexalen Antineoplastic Cancer
arsenic trioxide Trisenox Antineoplastic Cancer
asparaginase Elspar Antineoplastic Cancer
bexarotene Targretin Antineoplastic Cancer
bortezomib Velcade Antineoplastic Cancer
cladribine Leustatin Antineoplastic Cancer
dacarbazine DTIC-Dome Antineoplastic Cancer
denileukin diftitox Ontak Antineoplastic Cancer
interferon alfa-2a Roferon-A Antineoplastic Cancer
interferon alfa-2b Intron A Antineoplastic Cancer
interferon alfa-n3 Alferon N Antineoplastic Cancer
levamisole Ergamisol Antineoplastic Cancer
pegaspargase Oncaspar Antineoplastic Cancer
porfimer sodium Photofrin Antineoplastic Cancer
procarbazine Matulane Antineoplastic Cancer
tretinoin Vasanoid Antineoplastic Cancer
amifostine Ethyol Antineoplastic adjunct Cancer
dexrazoxane Zinecard Antineoplastic adjunct Cancer
mesna Mesnex Antineoplastic adjunct Cancer
busulfan Myleran Alkylating agent Cancer
carboplatin Praplatin Alkylating agent Cancer
Created by: TinaHead