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Tech Exam

Tech Exam practice

What is tech.? the use of knowledge and resources to develop products and systems to satisfy people's needs or wants.
why do we study tech.? so that we can understand,use, and manage it.
how is tech. used? used to solve problems and extend our capabilities.
how fast is tech. growing ? exponentially
names the main types of tech. and how they are used medical- vaccines,medicine,and surgery. agricultural- pest control,irrigation,and other tech. for farming. energy- all sources,fossil fuels,wind,water, and sun. communication- using one form or another to send and receive info.
what are the basic steps in the problem solving method 1. understanding the problem. 2. gathering info. 3. developing solutions. 4. implementing solutions. 5. testing and evaluating. 6. redesign and communication.
what is a system? a combination of parts that work together to achieve a desired goal.
how does a systems model work? inputs -> process or resources -> output -> feedback -> back to inputs
list the parts of a systems model and explain what they do input- the different possible solution ideas process or resource- the amount of goods and services available to be used. output- the outcome as a result of the input and resources that are used.
what types of outcomes can systems create? desired, expected, undesired, unexpected
name the different tech. eras and explain their significance Prehistoric- hunting and gathering tools. Agricultural- growing food. Industrial- mass producing goods. Informational- technology age.
what is energy? the ability to do work
what is work? the process of transferring energy
what is potential energy? energy of position, energy that is not in use but available
what is kinetic energy? energy of motion or energy that is in use
what is law of conservation of energy? energy can't be created or destroyed by ordinary means, but can be converted from one form to another
what is energy transformation? the changing of energy from one form to another
what is gravitational potential energy? potential energy that is dependent on height
what can be used to maintain control of an object while it is going down a slope? friction
what will happen to an object that goes down a slope too steep? it will become out of control and will not be able to stop at the end.
the first hill on any roller coaster is very important because it must? create enough gravitational potential energy for the coaster to go through the rest of the track without needing any more power.
what are ethics? ethics are concerned with standards, rules or guidelines for morally or socially approved conduct, such as being honest or trustworthy or acting in the best interest of society.
how can ethical behavior best be described? when one does what is best for everyone
why should engineers follow their professional ethics code? it provides a clear definition of what the public expects from responsible engineers
why should engineers act ethically? that is the way engineers behave
who is an engineer MOST obligated to? the public welfare
when should a registered professional engineers take clients? they are fully technically competent to carry out the services
during what age (time period) was the development of weapons a major driver of technological development? all ages
what is a method or process involved in? engineering
from your notes over unit 1, describe what a model is it can be a mathematical formula, a miniature representation, and a simplified system.
which career that we have discussed in class uses a design team? engineering
explain what a constraint is and provide 3 examples. be specific. a constraint is a limitation or restriction. economic,environmental,ethical and legal,health and safety,manufacturability,political and social-FDA language?
what can be identified as a thing? technology
what explains what is or what already exists? science
what law states computing power increases exponentially? Moore's law
when will engineers be out of work? never
when will mankind's basic needs be met? never
what is another word for limitation? constraint
what is iterative? constant,repetitive,repeating. (engineering)
who uses or applies 'iterative'? engineers
which of the following involves forming a hypothesis? the scientific method
what was the most important technological development during the stone age? fire
what was the most important technological development during the bronze age? smelting,metalwork
the rule of law allowed for what? private property
Name the main types of technology and how they are used PART 2 Power- types, combustible engine, etc. transportation- movement of goods, services, or people from one place to another efficiently. Manufacturing- robotic arms changing resources into goods. Bio-related- genetics.
Name the main types of technology and how they are used PART 3 Construction- building roads, buildings, and bridges, equipment used to make it easier.
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