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Chapter 11

MGMT 102

A country’s “degree of globalization” is based on social, political, and economic activities. a. true
In the United States, the direct investment of foreign-based companies grew from $9 billion in 1966 to more than $166 billion in 2012. a. true
Foreign investors are more likely to start new American businesses than purchase existing businesses. false
It’s been estimated that 20 to 40 percent of American managers fail to perform adequately abroad because they haven’t been sufficiently prepared for adjusting to the foreign culture. false
Culture is what we grow up in. true
Differences between cultures must be understood but not accepted for international business. false
Uncertainty avoidance indicates the extent to which a society accepts the fact that power in institutions and organizations is distributed unequally. false
The Philippines, Venezuela, and Mexico are countries with low power distance. false
A manager in a country with high power distance might favor a controlling strategy and behave like an autocrat. true
Hofstede’s dimensions are similar for countries that are geographically close together. False
Collectivism is evidenced by people taking care of only their immediate families. false
Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are considered masculine societies. false
Canada and the United States are low-context cultures. true
An advantage of learning the language when you are an international traveler is the avoidance of interpretational disasters. true
A very firm handshake is the universal business greeting. false
A business suit may not be the appropriate attire for an evening of entertainment in some societies. true
Normal gift-giving practices in some countries are considered unethical in others. true
In a high context culture, people look for meaning in what is not said. true
What is expected to be key to worldwide economic revival? interdependence
Which of the following is a reason to become familiar with international business communication practices discussed in the chapter? lots of products are made overseas
Which concept proposed that advancements in communication and transportation technologies would compress the world to a point where it would be one big happy unit? global village
The idea that under the skin, all human beings are alike, brothers and sisters in the common family of man is known as the: universality myth
Which one of the following is not a dimension of national culture? ncertainty acceptance
Which of the following suggests a loosely knit social framework in which people are expected to take care of themselves and immediate family only? individualism
A culture that approves of placing family above wealth is considered to have a _______ feminine
30. In which of the following countries are business cards handed to the recipient with both hands with the information facing the receiver? Japan
Which of the following are considered insulting in some countries? A. showing the sole of your shoe B. “thumbs up” C. pointing D. all choices are correct
. Which is a potential gift-giving blunder? A. flowers B. gifts bearing the company logo C. the number of gifts D. all choices are correct
Which of the following is a characteristic of a good intercultural communicator? nondefensive
Preparation for a foreign assignment may include learning another language
The need for more intercultural awareness arises from A. the global village concept B. different greeting and gift-giving rituals C. different standards of business dress D. both B and C
The speed with which international trade fell so uniformly during the global economic collapse of 2008 was due to vertical specialization
Why should managers become culturally sensitive? A. the workforce is increasingly more culturally diverse B. they are working in a global economy C. US business values are universal D. both A and B are correct
Culture includes A. religious systems B. educational systems C. political systems D. all choices are correct
According to Hofstede’s dimensions of cultural differences, the United States has low uncertainty avoidance
The fact that many US workers do not take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act is an indication of which dimension of cultural differences? femininity-masculinity
Research shows that when employees of different cultures work for a multinational firm their cultural differences strengthen
According to the US Department of Education, which foreign languages are the most important to learn? A. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese B. Hindi and Urdu C. both A and B are correct D. French and Spanish
Machine translators, such as Google Translate, should not be relied upon because A. they do not account for cultural factor
46. Bribing someone during the conduct of business is a violation of which US law? FCPA
A person who sees his/her country as the best in the world and looks down on others as inferior because they are different is known as ethnocentric
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